The Coleridge Collection Part II: Cartoons and Comic Strips

An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism and Scholarship
Volumes I-III
Walter B. Crawford
With the research and editorial assistance of
Ann M. Crawford


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[S II.6 1995] WALLMEYER, Dick. "The RAM." Press-Telegram (Long Beach, CA) (10 Jy 1995), B4.

  • Editorial cartoon about effects of feared US government closing of Long Beach Naval Shipyard. Nautically garbed President Clinton sits in a tiny boat with single mast, right hand on tiller, other hand shielding his eyes as he gazes to left. Hanging from his neck is a small white albatross labeled "Base Closings." The text at upper left, perhaps a rough imitation of The RAM 464-7: "He searched for a harbor well within reach; / Was that shipyard still open in the port of Long Beach?"
  • Discovered by Mimi Hotchkiss.

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[S II.6 1996] GARLAND. "The Albatross About My Neck Was Hung." Daily Telegraph (13 F 1996), 24.

  • Political cartoon. Ragged mariner, with black hair and beard, wearing eyeglasses [Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Fein, political wing of IRA], stands alone, frowning, staring downward in dejection, on middle of ship's deck. Hanging by string around his neck is arrow-pierced dove with olive branch in its beak. Leaning against ship's rail at right is crossbow with "IRA" on its stock. Cartoon expresses view that Adams, who was negotiating with President Clinton in Washington, "now finds his political credibility devastated" by the IRA's destruction of "the ceasefire with huge bomb blast" in London's Docklands on 9 F 1996, although Adams "said he had no prior knowledge of the Docklands bomb." Adams termed the bombing [with the IRA crossbow] a rejection of "an unprecedented opportunity for peace" [the arrow-pierced dove] (Electronic Telegraph [12 & 13 F 1996]).
  • Cartoon from Rosemary Elizabeth Coleridge Middleton; Electronic Telegraph articles from Eric W. Crawford.

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[S II.6 2001] McDONNELL, Patrick. Mutts, comic strip published in LATimes (15 Je 2001), E7. Name of syndicator illegible under 3.5X magnification.

  • Panel 1: "Mutts Poetry Club / The Rime / of the Ancient / Mariner / by / Coleridge." The little dog, facing reader's right, sits on a tuft of grass beneath a tree, a tiny spot at bottom, far right.
  • Panel 2: The little dog looks a bit upward toward The RAM lines 614-17 [". . . He made and loveth all."] The tiny spot is still on the right in the panel
  • Panel 3: Now the little dog has turned facing half-left, and from the tiny spot behind him rises a balloon reading "Bravo!" So God loves even insects!