Setting Your Preferred First Name

CSULB students who identify themselves by a different first name other than their legal first name can request to establish a "preferred first name."

  • Requests for a preferred name must be made via your MyCSULB Student Center. After logging in, navigate to the Student Center and select "Names" in the Personal Information section. Follow the on screen instructions to make your request. Be aware that 'nicknames' are not allowed.
  • Your request will be reviewed to ensure it meets university guidelines. You will receive an email with the results of review normally within 3 business days.
  • If approved, your preferred first name will be used in many campus systems including on the CSULB ID card. If you already have an ID card and if your preferred name is significantly different than your legal name, it is recommended that you obtain a new identification card from ID Card Services.

CSULB recognizes that, within our community, many students use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. As long as the use of this different first name is not for purposes of misrepresentation or to avoid legal obligations, the university acknowledges that a preferred first name can be used wherever possible as students engage in their education at CSULB. Therefore, the University allows for any current student to utilize a preferred first name whenever possible. CSULB does not allow the use of nicknames on student records.

What is a Preferred First Name?
A preferred first name is a name that you choose to be used in place of your legal first name in appropriate university systems. Students may not designate a preferred family/last name.

Where will my preferred first name appear?
Your preferred name will appear in many places used by instructors, advisors and support staff including:

  • Class Rosters
  • BeachBoard
  • CSULB ID Card
  • MyCSULB Student Center

Where will my legal name appear?
Your legal name will be used where it is required by University business or legal need such as:

  • Enrollment Verification
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships documents
  • Payroll and Other Financial Matters
  • Any legal document produced by the University
  • Federal and state reporting

Are All Preferred First Name Requests Approved?
To protect the University and to promote a positive campus community, requests will be reviewed for appropriateness. Preferred names cannot be nicknames, cannot contain foul or inappropriate language, nor can they be used for purposes of misrepresentation. The University reserves the right to approve or reject a request for the use of a preferred first name. Requests will be reviewed by Enrollment Services.

Do I have to use or enter a preferred name?
No, by default your legal first name will be used. A preferred name is an accommodation for students who wish to be known by something other than their legal/official first name.

How Do I Change my Legal Name?
To submit a change of legal name, you must provide all required documentation and complete a Legal Name Change Request (DocuSign).

What are the consequences of inappropriate use of a Preferred First Name?
Inappropriate use of the preferred first name guidelines--including, but not limited to, avoiding a legal obligation or misrepresentation--may be cause for denying the request. Inappropriate use of the preferred first name guidelines may result in a violation of the Standards for Student Conduct (CSULB Campus REGS, and may be referred to the Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development.