GE Approved Courses: Category E (Lower-Division)

Lifelong Learning and Self-Development (Category E) - Fall 2018 Lower-Division 

The following courses are approved to meet the General Education requirements indicated. Please note the following in reviewing these approved course lists:

  • Refer to the online schedule of classes to see which courses are being offered for a specific term and to double check which GE requirements the course satisfies during that term.
  • Be aware that the GE Category (A-E) requirements must each be satisfied by a unique course. The "Other GE Categories" column below may indicate additional categories a course is certified in but does not mean that the course will meet more than one category requirement for an individual student.
  • Additional General Education Requirements should be met by courses also meeting the GE Category requirements to minimize the number of units needed.
  • Comments are added to the course lists below to highlight changes in the approved active GE course lists. See Previous Courses to research courses that previously met GE requirements.
  • Students should regularly run their Academic Requirements Report on MyCSULB to monitor their completion of all degree requirements including General Education.


The following courses facilitate understanding of the human being as an integrated physiological, social, and psychological organism. Courses take into consideration selective matters such as human behavior, sexuality, nutrition, health, stress, key relationships of humankind to the social and physical environment, and implications of death and dying. Physical activity could be included, provided that it is an integral part of the study.

Introduction to Public Health

E - Lower Division




GE Designations

Other GE Categories

Cross Listed Courses

ART 101

 Artists In Their Own WordsExplorations  

ART 121

 Safety And Sustainable PracticesExplorations  

BME 100, 100H

Fall 2021
Introduction to Biomedical EngineeringExplorations  

C E 101, 101H

 Introduction To Civil Engineering And Construction Engineering ManagementExplorations  

C/LA 230

 The Home In Comparative PerspectiveExplorations,
Human Diversity

CAFF 223

 Personal & Family Financial MgmtExplorations  

CAFF 226

 Consumer Life SkillsExplorations  

CECS 105, 105H

 Introduction To Computer Engineering And Computer ScienceExplorations  

CECS 202

 The Digital Information AgeExplorationsB1 

CH E 100, 100H

 Introduction To Chemical EngineeringExplorations  

COUN 191

 Career And Personal ExplorationsExplorations  

CWL 210

 Erotica, Love, Romance: Literary And Cultural RepresentationGlobal IssuesC2a 

CWL 215

 From Cradle To Crypt: Representations Of The LifespanGlobal IssuesC1, C2aHDEV 215

CWL 220

 Literature And PlayExplorationsC2a 

DANC 100

Fall 2021
Orientation to DanceExplorations  

DANC 161

Fall 2021
Body Awareness and Conditioning for DancersExplorations  

DESN 268

 History And Theory Of Sustainability In DesignExplorations,
Global Issues

E E 200

 Trends In Electrical EngineeringExplorations  

E T 101

 Introduction To Engineering TechnologyExplorations  

ENGR 101, 101H

 Introduction To Engineering ProfessionExplorations  

ENGR 102, 102H

 Academic Success SkillsExplorations  
ENV 101Effective Fall 2023Introduction to Environmental EngineeringExplorations  

FMD 251

 Fashion Strategies For ConsumersExplorations  
GEOG 175Effective Fall 2023My Neighborhood, Our CityExplorations PSY 175

H SC 201

Fall 2022
Introduction to Public HealthExplorations  

H SC 210

 Contemporary Health ProblemsExplorationsB2 

H SC 227

 Drugs & HealthExplorations  

HDEV 180

 Lifespan Human DevelopmentExplorationsD2 

HDEV 215

 From Cradle To Crypt: Representations Of The LifespanGlobal IssuesC1, C2aCWL 215

JOUR 104

 Social Media Communication   

JOUR 110

 Mass Media And Society D3 

KIN 157

 Fitness For LivingExplorationsB2 

MAE 101A, 101AH

 Introduction To Aerospace EngineeringExplorations  

MAE 101B, 101BH

 Introduction To Mechanical EngineeringExplorations  

MUS 225

Fall 2021
Explorations in Teaching MusicExplorations  

NRSG 200

Effective Spring 2025Foundations of Professional NursingExplorations  

NUTR 132

 Introductory NutritionExplorationsB2 

PHIL 101

 The Meaning Of LifeExplorationsC2b 

PHIL 261

 Philosophy And Film C1 

PSY 150

 Personality & Social BehaviorExplorations  

PSY 175

Effective Fall 2023My Neighborhood, Our CityExplorations GEOG 175

R/ST 240

 Love, Life, And The WorldExplorationsC2b 

REC 201

 Teamwork And Group DynamicsExplorations  

REC 220

 Universality Of PlayExplorations, Human Diversity  

THEA 162

Spring 2022
Movement & MindfulnessExplorations, Self-Integration  

UHP 101

 Art, Community, Place: The La Interchange-HonorsExplorations  

UHP 150

 Exploring A Text-HonorsExplorations  

UNIV 111

 Paideia: First Year SeminarExplorations  

UNIV 150

Effective Spring 2018Research Career ExplorationSelf-Integration  

WGSS 101

 Gender, Race, Sex And The BodyExplorations