GE Approved Courses - Additional Requirements

Additional GE Requirements: Global Issues and Human Diversity – GE Approved Courses

The following courses are approved to meet the General Education requirements indicated. Please note the following in reviewing these approved course lists:

  • Refer to the online schedule of classes to see which courses are being offered for a specific term and to double check which GE requirements the course satisfies during that term.
  • Be aware that the GE Category (A-F) requirements must each be satisfied by a unique course. The "Other GE Categories" column below may indicate additional categories a course is certified in but does not mean that the course will meet more than one category requirement for an individual student.
  • Additional General Education Requirements should be met by courses also meeting the GE Category requirements to minimize the number of units needed.
  • Comments are added to the course lists below to highlight changes in the approved active GE course lists.
    See Previous Courses to research courses that previously met GE requirements.
  • Students should regularly run their Academic Requirements Report on MyCSULB to monitor their completion of all degree requirements including General Education.