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Degree Planner is an interactive tool that allows you to plan courses for future semesters and ultimately, degree completion. The tool can help you see recommended course sequences for your academic program—including General Education, major, and minor categories. It also identifies prerequisites and co-requisites to help you plan accordingly. It is highly recommended that when you using Degree Planner, also review your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) side-by-side to ensure that all of your degree requirements are included in your planning.

Remember, Degree Planner is a personal planning tool and along with your ARR (which is your official degree audit), provides you with a roadmap from admission to graduation. Degree Planner does not officially guarantee enrollment in any courses nor should it be considered your degree audit. Your academic advisor also has access to both your ARR and your Degree Planner.

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Graduate Students: Depending on your academic program, all features of the Degree Planner tool may not be available.

Degree Planner automatically utilizes your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) to determine which of your degree requirements have already been satisfied. You can then use the tool to plan your courses for future semesters based on any oustanding requirements you have left to fulfill. Remember, Degree Planner is a personal planning tool and does not officially guarantee enrollment in any courses.

Degree Planner is also updated regularly to reflect current course listings and degree requirements, as approved by the university.

No, you cannot change your official university record through Degree Planner since it is a personal planning tool.  Undergraduate students can use the "What if?" function on Degree Planner to see a hypothetical course plan IF you were to change your course of study (major, minor, certificate etc).

For information on how to change your major, visit the Change of Major (Undergraduates) page.

If transfer credit or course waivers/substitutions are posted to your Academic Requirements Report (ARR), they will also appear in your Degree Planner. If the transfer credit or waiver/substitution has not yet been posted, for planning purposes you may use the ‘remove’ feature in Degree Planner to remove it from your plan temporarily until the credit is posted. Remember that your transfer credit or waiver/substitution must be officially reflected on your ARR.

Remember, Degree Planner is a personal planning tool only. Continue to refer to your ARR as your official Degree Audit.

Your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) is an official Enrollment Services report that outlines all degree requirements necessary for you to graduate in a timely manner. Your ARR is personalized based on your current academic program(s), previously completed courses, and in-progress courses. Your ARR is your official degree audit. 

The Degree Planner is a personal planning tool and does not officially guarantee enrollment in any courses. It is a very helpful tool that allows you to map out your time at CSULB based on the recommended sequence of requirements outlined in your ARR. It is highly recommended that once you use your Degree Planner, you review your ARR to ensure that all outstanding requirements are included in your plan.

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