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Questions about Long Beach College Promise can be directed to CSULB by email at promise@csulb.edu or on Instagram by messaging @CSULB_Promise.

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Learn about the experiences of Long Beach College Promise Students who found success at CSULB and have since transitioned into the workforce.

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The Long Beach College Promise (The Promise) extends the promise of a college education to every student in the Long Beach Unified School District to create a more vibrant community. This innovative and award-winning initiative is transforming the lives of students and the city’s economic future by placing higher education within reach for all.

The Long Beach College Promise (LBCP) is a partnership for Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) students and select high schools. To be eligible, students must enroll at LBCC directly following graduation from an LBUSD high school or one of the selected high schools. Students will be eligible for 2 years of free tuition at LBCC.

  • Examining Access & Retention of the Long Beach College Promise from a Racial Equity Lens
    • Do the design elements of the Long Beach College Promise program have essential equity implications? (Eligibility requirements, definition of college promise, what aid will be offered to students)
    • What are the communication gaps regarding benefits and eligibility of the Long Beach College Promise program?
  • Keeping Our Promise: Analyzing the Efficacy and Equity of the Long Beach Promise Program in CHHS
    • What are the factors that predict graduation rate differences between LBUSD/LB Promise and non-LBUSD/LB promise students in CHHS programs?
    • How do LB Promise success metrics differ across different degree programs in CHHS and the university?
    • How do students describe the contributors and barriers to their success in the LB Promise?
    • What are the existing shortcomings of the LB Promise system that prevent researchers from identifying/accessing students?