Academic Resources

Long Beach College Promise Students at CSULB have access to a number of high-quality academic resources that will support their classroom success and degree progress. Additionally, CSULB engages in outreach efforts that support early academic preparation for LBUSD students in middle school and high school.

Academic Advising is a critical component of your success at California State University, Long Beach. Our faculty, staff and peer advisors are trained to help you make the most out of your undergraduate experience and meet your degree requirements. The university provides advising for university-wide requirements, for special student groups and for colleges and departments.

Students, regardless of their perceived capabilities, are able to learn, grow and develop at all stages of their academic career. The CSULB Academic Coaching program supports this vision by providing services to enrich, enhance, and facilitate the learning experience.

Beach Pledge offers specialized advising, priority registration, and guaranteed course availability for students who are interested and able to complete their degree in four years (or two years if coming from a community college with an AD-T).

The Learning Center provides our diverse student population with the tools needed for academic success. Empowering students to cultivate the skills, strategies, and behaviors of confident, independent, and lifelong learners, the Learning Center contributes to the university’s focus on student-driven learning, and increased retention and graduation rates.

There are a number of tutoring opportunities available to CSULB students who seek to learn more about an educational subject or skill. Most areas offer free or low-cost tutoring on an individual and/or drop-in basis. Some programs offer additional learning resources, such as academic coaching and mentoring.

Together with University Outreach & School Relations (UOSR), EAP supports college readiness and early academic preparation for middle school and high school students in CSULB’s local area.