Scholarships & Aid

Affordability is centrally important to college access and student success. While CSULB is ranked as one of the most affordable and high quality institutions in the country, a community-wide network of passionate educators, community leaders, and civil servants provides Long Beach College Promise students with unique opportunities to help fund their education.

CSULB is Proud to Offer Several Scholarships to help students cover the costs of their education. These funds come from a variety of university, federal, state, and private sources--but unlike loans, they do not have to be repaid. Opportunities are available for new and continuing students.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at California State University, Long Beach serves all students and is ready to help you meet your financial and educational goals.

The Long Beach Community Foundation’s mission is to initiate positive change for Long Beach through charitable giving, stewardship, and strategic grantmaking. One example includes the Roberta and Matthew Jenkins Scholarship which will cover school-related expenses and is available for black students attending CSULB.

Internships open doors for student job placement. However, for students who need part-time jobs and financial aid to pay for college, unpaid internships are impossible to complete. The Long Beach Community Internship Program (LBCIP) is a collaborative internship program that creates pathways for CSULB juniors and seniors who are Long Beach Promise Students to engage in meaningful paid internship opportunities while they apply coursework to real world settings, hone professional skills, network, and explore local career opportunities.

The mission of the Long Beach Rotary Scholarship Foundation is to provide the resources to deserving students with average and above-average grades so that they may attend Long Beach City College or California State University, Long Beach.

A Collection of Scholarships made available exclusively to Long Beach College Promise students through the hard work of Long Beach community leaders, educators, donors, and civil servants.