For Transfer Students

As a transfer student in CNSM, you will have the opportunity to build on the foundational concepts learned at your community college and explore the applications of your coursework in a variety of fields. CNSM transfer students work closely with their assigned faculty advisor to carefully tailor their coursework to specific interests and to navigate course sequences, research experiences, and career options alike.

We pride ourselves on preparing our students to attend graduate or pre-professional schools, on providing students with unique research opportunities and field experiences, and most importantly, on assisting students with identifying fulfilling careers in their field(s) of choice.


Transfer applicants are admitted based on California State University minimum criteria, as well as on CSU Long Beach's major-specific criteria for majors in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. These criteria include unit minimums, lower division course work, General Education Courses, and minimum grade point averages.

You must carefully choose a major when you apply to CSULB as an upper division transfer; if you do not qualify for your first choice, we will not consider an alternate major.

Please see How to Apply for guidance about applying to California State University, Long Beach.

Incoming Transfer Recommendations

  • Begin career exploration early to ensure the appropriate major is selected.
  • To ensure future success in CNSM majors, we highly recommend earning a "B" or better in major specific transfer courses.
  • Avoid GE-certification. Take one or two GE courses per semester to help maintain a balanced schedule.
  • Review the Major-Specific Requirements for Transfer Students to make sure you can declare your intended major.

Events and Outreach

We provide opportunities for incoming transfer students to get to know us and what we do here at Cal State Long Beach. Many of these events are geared towards helping incoming students prepare ahead of their first semester at a new college.

Summer Series Webinars

Through the Summer Series Webinars, the CNSM Academic Advising Center is committed to providing transfer students with opportunities to learn more about the excellent programs and resources that the CNSM has to offer. These optional webinars include information about:

  • advising and registration
  • health professions advising

The webinars typically run from May through August.

More information is available at Guidance for Incoming CNSM Transfer Students.