Study Abroad Singapore and Vietnam January 2019

Published June 12, 2019

8 day trip to Singapore and Vietnam in January 2019

The College of Business launched a new short-term study abroad experience in Fall 2018, which culminated in an 8 day trip to Singapore and Vietnam in January 2019. A total of fifteen CSU students, both undergraduates and MBAs, toured local business, explored cultural sites, and experienced some of the most interesting and dynamic cities in south-east Asia. Special thanks to our host universities; Nanyang Polytechnic and the National Economic University in Hanoi, whose faculty, staff, and students, made every effort to help our class feel connected and welcome.

The success of the Fall 2018 course ensured the continuation of the program. Starting in Fall 2019, Professor Kenji Klein will take another group of students to learn and discover Singapore and Hanoi. The course meets regularly through the fall term and then travels in January 2020. There is still limited space available for students who are interested in study abroad.