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Division Programs And Services

Student Affairs Programs and Services Handout - PDF 

Student Affairs Programs and Services Handout - Accessible Version - PDF


Associated Students Inc.

asi beach pantry logo

ASI Beach Pantry

The ASI Beach Pantry operates as the official food pantry for CSULB students.

asi business office logo

ASI Business Office

These policies and documents guide the operations of Associated Students, Inc. as a nonprofit corporation.

asi government logo

ASI Government

A student body engaged with the Associated Students and its programs, services and facilities.

beach pride events logo

Beach Pride Events

Beach Pride Events is the event and entertainment programming arm of Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) and the University Student Union (USU).

isabel patterson child development center logo

Isabel Patterson Child Development Center

The Isabel Patterson Child Development Center (IPCDC) offers affordable child care on campus.

student recreation and wellness center logo

Student Recreation and Wellness Center

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) is a 126,500-square-foot, two-story, state-of-the-art recreation facility located on the east side of campus and serves as a hub for recreational activities, programs, and opportunities for Intramural Sports, Fitness, and Wellness services.

Access and Retention

assessment and evaluation logo

Assessment & Evaluation

The Assessment and Evaluation Office facilitates assessment and evaluation programs and services within the Division of Student Affairs to understand students' curricular needs, learning, growth, and development.

Cal-SOAP Logo

California Student Opportunity and Access Program

The Cal-SOAP was established by the state legislature in 1978 to improve the flow of information about postsecondary education.

csulb-lbusd math collaborative logo

CSULB-LBUSD Math Collaborative

The Math Collaborative is a partnership between CSULB and the Long Beach Unified School District that serves Black male students in Long Beach High Schools.

csulb village logo

CSULB Village

CSULB Village is a vested partnership between California State University, Long Beach and faith based organizations whose congregants represent underrepresented student populations at CSULB, for example, African-American, Asian-American, Latina/o/x, Native-American, and Pacific Islander.

dream success center logo

Dream Success Center

The Dream Success Center empowers undocumented students in their pursuit of higher education and fosters a supportive campus community dedicated to their educational and personal success.

early academic preparation logo

Early Academic Preparation

Together with University Outreach & School Relations (UOSR), EAP supports college readiness and early academic preparation.

educational opportunity program logo

Educational Opportunity Program

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) serves first-generation, historically low-income students by providing access and equity to higher education by providing academic and financial aid counseling, tutoring, orientation, transitional programming, career and graduate school exploration, enrichment activities, and community outreach.

guardian scholars logo

Guardian Scholars

The Guardian Scholars Program assists current/former foster youth in their educational pursuits.

men's success initiative logo

Men's Success Initiative

The Men's Success Initiative (MSI) is designed to provide an inclusive and supportive environment where men of color can receive academic support, mentoring, and engagement in sociocultural dialogue that will enhance their understanding of self and their relationship to different communities.

office of multicultural affair logo

Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is dedicated to enriching students' sense of belonging on campus by creating spaces that highlight and respect the varied backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and identities of our diverse student body.

pregnant and parenting logo

Pregnant and Parenting

Services are provided for the unique needs of pregnant and parenting students.

summer bridge program logo

Summer Bridge Program

The EOP Summer Bridge Program (SBP) is a program that allows first-time freshmen and transfer students the opportunity to experience the campus environment prior to entering the fall term.

testing logo


The Testing Department is a comprehensive department in the Division of Student Affairs that is committed to facilitating student enrollment and graduation by administering campus-specific exams, CSU system-wide exams, and national test programs while maintaining the highest compliance with institutional, state and federal regulations.

trio educational opportunity center logo

TRIO Educational Opportunity Center

The Educational Opportunity Center identifies and assists adult participants who want to enter, re-enter, continue or enroll in a program of postsecondary education.

trio educational talent search logo

TRIO Educational Talent Search

The Educational Talent Search assists low-income and potential first-generation students who successfully graduate from secondary school and enroll in post-secondary education.

trio mcnair scholars program logo

TRIO McNair Scholars Program

The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program prepares and supports underrepresented undergraduate students in their pursuit of doctoral studies.

trio student support services program logo

TRIO Student Support Services Program

The TRiO Student Support Services is a federally-funded program designed to assist students who are low-income, first-generation to college, or have a disability; and who demonstrate academic need and the motivation to achieve their maximum potential in higher education.

trio upward bound logo

TRIO Upward Bound

Upward Bound provides fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entrance.

university outreach and school relations logo

University Outreach & School Relations

University Outreach and School Relations (UOSR) facilitates access to and promotes awareness of the undergraduate educational offerings at CSULB to K-12 and community college students, educational counselors, and community organization partners.

women's and gender equity center logo

Women's and Gender Equity Center

The Women's & Gender Equity Center is a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment that offers services, support, and resources for students.


Health & Wellness

Accessible Instructional Materials Center Logo

Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) Center

The AIM Center provides computer support services for students with disabilities and maintains a consultant relationship with faculty and staff.

alcohol, tobacco and other drugs program logo

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Program

The Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Program educates students about the potential negative consequences of drug and alcohol use and/or abuse.

basic needs program logo

Basic Needs

The Basic Needs is a campus-wide program with targeted services to address housing and food insecurity on our campus.

bob murphy access center (bmac) logo

Bob Murphy Access Center (BMAC)

The Bob Murphy Access Center assists students with differing abilities in pursuit of their educational goals.

cal fresh outreach program logo

Cal Fresh Outreach Program

CalFresh is a nutrition assistance program that assists low-income individuals and families.

counseling and psychological services (CAPS) logo

Counseling & Psychological Services

CAPS helps students reach their academic goals by equipping and empowering them to improve their mental health and overall well-being through providing innovative and effective mental health services.

project ocean logo

Project Ocean

Project OCEAN's mission is to educate the campus on suicide prevention and promote a climate that reduces the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness and encourages students to seek help when needed.

student health services logo

Student Health Services

The mission of Student Health Services is to foster academic success and student development by promoting overall wellness through affordable and accessible high quality health services and education.


Housing & Residential Life

housing and residential life logo

Housing & Residential Life

Housing and Residential Life creates safe, welcoming, and inclusive communities that engage students in their personal and social development while promoting academic success and responsible citizenship through high-quality services and initiatives.

Student Engagement

campus rules and regulations logo

Campus Rules and Regulations

The Campus Rules and Regulations serve as a reference tool for students, faculty, and staff regarding policies and regulations of our campus community.

career development center logo

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center empowers students to become effective leaders of their personal career journeys through career counseling, employer connections, and professional development opportunities.

cares team logo


The Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation for Students Team (CARES) identifies, discusses, investigates, evaluates, and monitors student behavior which poses a concern and/or potential or actual threat to self or others.

club sports and recreation logo

Club Sports & Recreation

Club Sports and Recreation provides co-curricular opportunities that cultivate community, ethical leadership, and personal development for students.

dean of students office logo

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office serves as an advocate for students' growth and learning by empowering students to navigate academic success, campus processes, co-curricular engagement, and overall health and well-being.

first year beach connections logo

First-Year Beach Connections

The First-Year Beach Connections program provides first-time college students (freshmen) access to peer-led support in an inclusive community that fosters their academic success and personal growth.

parent and family orientation logo

Parent and Family Orientation

Parent and Family Orientation provides information and resources designed for the parents, family members, and supporters of our newly-admitted students.

student conduct and ethical development logo

Student Conduct and Ethical Development

The Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development serves students, faculty, staff, administrators and the greater Long Beach community to provide accountability, education, and retention through a restorative lens.

student life and development logo

Student Life & Development

Student Life & Development provides students with co-curricular opportunities that cultivate community, ethical leadership, and personal development.

student orientation,advising and registration (SOAR) logo

Student Orientation, Advising, & Registration

The mission of Student Orientation, Advising & Registration (SOAR) is to holistically address students' academic and social transition to California State University, Long Beach.

veteran services logo

Veterans Services

The Veterans Services Office assists military veterans, service members and dependents in successfully navigating their CSULB experience. We increase campus awareness of student-veteran issues and foster a sense of belonging, community and well-being for all student veterans on campus.

welcoming accountable voices in education (Wave) logo

Welcoming Accountable Voices in Education (WAVE)

The WAVE program is an extension of the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development focusing on the application of restorative justice practices and principles through the WAVE Student Board, WAVE Conferences, WAVE Community Circles, and Back to the Beach Reintegration Circles.

Other Programs and Services

DSA Communications

DSA Communications Department actively supports and highlights the efforts of the Division of Student Affairs by providing various methods of communication to internal and external entities to foster engagement and amplify student success.

dsa development office logo

DSA Development Office

The Office of Development is ready to assist you in any way that will make it easier and more satisfying to contribute. We look forward to getting to know you and your desire to partner with CSULB to uplift communities through education.

free speech logo

Free Speech

CSULB is dedicated to affording all members of the CSULB community the protections for free speech, expression, assembly, religion, and press available under the U.S. and California constitutions and all applicable federal and state laws, in accordance with the University's purpose and function except insofar as limitations on those freedoms are necessary to CSULB's functioning.