UPD Community Engagement Group

Charge to the University Police Department


The CSU Long Beach University Police Department (UPD) serves the CSULB campus and surrounding community as a professional and certified Police Officer and Standards Training (POST) law enforcement agency. Since its inception on January 23, 1974, the University Police Department has worked hard to provide fair, honest, and impartial service to the University. In support of our shared governance model and to strengthen partnerships with the groups and communities we serve, the CSULB Police Department has established the Community Engagement Group.

The purpose of the Community Engagement Group is to proactively and transparently seek advice, counsel, and insight of our community members regarding issues that impact the safety and quality of life of the students, faculty, staff and visitors to our campus. The group will consult with other centers and groups across campus, bring in subject matter experts as necessary, and provide innovative ways for campus stakeholders to interact with our department.

The Community Engagement Group will meet each fall and spring semester and will work directly with the Chief of Police in identifying and addressing public safety issues, recommending solutions, and seeking out cross-divisional partnerships to improve the overall experience for all campus members.

Specifically, the Community Engagement Group will:

  • Identify current public safety issues that impact the CSULB community;
  • Act as a liaison between the greater campus community and UPD;
  • Receive regular updates and summary of activities of the UPD, including current trends impacting the campus;
  • Examine and provide recommendations concerning matters of public safety, campus policy, or suggested community resources to positively impact community experience;
  • Solicit considerations for providing Culture of Care in safety-related services or activities.

The Community Engagement Group is intended to be nimble and impactful and will be comprised of students, faculty, and staff who are representative of our CSULB community. The members shall be as follows:      

  • Representative, Office of the President
  • Academic Senate Chair, or designee
  • Long Beach Community Member
  • ASI President, or designee
  • Representative, Office of Equity and Diversity
  • One ASI student-at-large for diversity
  • Staff Council Representative on rotating basis
  • AVP, University Access and Retention
  • Representative, Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Faculty member selected on rotating basis
  • Sworn Representative, UPD
  • Chief of Police

The Community Engagement Group will provide an annual summary of its activities and discussions, which will be made publicly available on the University Police Department website (www.csulb.edu/police) and provided directly to the University President.