The Coleridge Collection Part II: Coleridge Portraits

An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism and Scholarship
Volumes I-III
Walter B. Crawford
With the research and editorial assistance of
Ann M. Crawford


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[S II.9 1798] (C9204, addendum) SHUTER, W. Portrait of C. (1798).

  • The bad copy of the oil painting done for Thomas Poole, bust only, without the book, appearing in Gillman (1895--C745), fp 35, where it is mistakenly ascribed to Betham (1808--C9211), is item 145 in the Sotheby catalog of the 18 D 1995 sale (LN 5749) of English Literature and History and a Collection of Continental Incunables, reproduced (33/8 x 29/16 inches) and listed as follows: "PORTRAIT OF COLERIDGE, English school, oil on panel, head and shoulders, in dark coat and wearing a white cravat, c.·8½ x 6½ inches, in gilt frame [nineteenth-century] // £600-800".
  • From information from Morton D Paley and information and photocopy sent by Rosemary Elizabeth Coleridge Middleton.

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[S II.9 1814] (C9215, addendum) ALLSTON, Washington. Portrait of C. (1814).

  • NMAA Art Inv lists "study" for this portrait, "9 3/4 x 8 in. (cm. 24.8 x 20.3)" in Terry de Lapp Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, reference: "Sale Catalog '19th & Early 20th C. American Ptgs.,' 1974." "Image on file." Not seen.

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[S II.9 1999] PALEY, Morton D. Portraits of Coleridge. Oxf: Clarendon P (1999). xvii, 171 pp. 220 x 135mm.

  • Includes 27 reproductions of portraits, including 3 replicas, in both public and private collections. "A C Chronology" (pp xv-xv). Chapters: "Introduction: The Image of the Romantic Poet," "The Life Portraits of C," "After-Images: Posthumous Portraits of C," "Catalogue" (26 portraits), and "Supplementary Notes" (including a page on "Missing, Unidentified, or Non-Existent Portraits)." Bibliography and Index.
  • A long-awaited, unique contribution to C studies. An earlier similar work is Frances Blanshard's Portraits of Wordsworth (1959---C5077).
  • Gift to CCC from author.