The Coleridge Collection: Added or Revised Items

An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism and Scholarship
Volumes I-III
Walter B. Crawford
With the research and editorial assistance of
Ann M. Crawford

Added or revised items since the 2000 edition

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[S I 1879] SAINT-JUIRS [pseudonym of René Delorme]. Gustave Doré, peintre, sculpteur, dessinateur . . .

[S I 1906] TRAUBEL, Horace. With Walt Whitman in Camden. 9 vols.

[S I 1903] (C3338) PEATTIE, Elia Wilkinson, ed. Poems You Ought to Know. Il by Ellsworth Young.

[S I 1906] (cf C773) GEORGE, Andrew J[ackson], ed. The Ancient Mariner .

[S I 1919] (C1796) WATSON, Albert Durrant. The Twentieth Plane: A Psychic Revelation. Rpt.

[S I 1927] MacKAYE, Percy. Epoch: The Life of Steele MacKaye, Genius of the Theatre

[S I 1928] BOOTES, Henry H[edger]. Deep-Sea Bubbles, or The Cruise of the Anna Lombard .

Facsimile added to [S I 1940, 1955] (Cf C3685) SAITO, Takeski, ed. [1991 printing]. 208 pp.

[S I 1951] MacKAYE, Percy. Poog's Pasture: The Mythology of a Child: A Vista of Autobiography

[S I 1962] (C5485) BUSH, Eric Wheeler, ed. The Flowers of the Sea: An Anthology of Quotations

[S I 1977] CHATWIN, Bruce. In Patagonia.

[S I 1985] BERRY, James, ed. Classic Poems to Read Aloud. Line drawings by James Mayhew.

[S I 1987] KINCAID, Eric, illustrator, and Marjorie Rogers, ed. A Children's Book of Verse.

Facsimile added to [S I 1989] TAKEMORI, Osamu. STC's "Kubla Khan." 310 pp. Il.

[S I 1990] HELLER, Janet Ruth. Coleridge, Lamb, Hazlitt, and the Reader of Drama.

Facsimile added to [S I 1990] (Cf C3685) SAITO, Takeshi, ed. The RAM. c1966. 78 pp.

[S I 1994] KEANE, Patrick J. Coleridge's Submerged Politics: Ancient Mariner and Robinson Crusoe

[S I 1994?] MILLER, Norma. "Bedfellows Through Archetype: The Ancient Mariner and Richard Nixon."

[S I 1995] BASBANES, Nicholas A. A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes

[S I 1995] HARDING, Anthony John. The Reception of Myth in English Romanticism .

[S I 1998] FOREMAN, Amanda. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.

[S I 1998] WU, Duncan, ed. Romanticism: An Anthology. 2nd edn. Oxford: Blackwell, ©1994.

[S I 1999] BIRIOTTI, Sophie, ed. Gardens of the Imagination: A Literary Anthology .

[S I 1999] COLLIER, Graham. Antarctic Odyssey: In the Footsteps of the South Polar Explorers.

[S I 2000] BATE, Jonathan. The Song of the Earth. Harvard UP.

[S I 2000] BAXTER, Nicola, ed. The Children's Treasury of Classic Poetry . [Profusely] Illustrated

[S I 2000] FLEISSNER, Robert F. Sources, Meaning, and Influences of Coleridge's Kubla Khan .

[S I 2000] JACKSON, H[eather] J[oanna], and George Whalley, eds. Marginalia. V

[S I 2000] JACKSON, J[ames] R[obert] de J[ager], ed. Lectures 1818-1819 On the History of Philosophy.

[S I 2000] MEISEL, Tony. To the Sea: Sagas of Survival and Epic Challenge on the Seven Seas

[S I 2000] O'KEEFE, Gavin. "The Rime and the Reason: Peake, Doré, and the Ancient Mariner." Peake Studies

[S I 2001] CARDINALE, Philip. "Noises in a Swound!" CB, NS 17 (Summer 2001), 27-38.

[S I 2001] JACKSON, H[eather] J[oanna], and George Whalley, eds. Marginalia . VI, Valckenaer to Zwick

[S I 2001] KLESSE, Antje. Illustrationen zu S. T. C's The RAM: Eine Studie zur Illustration von Gedichten

[S I 2001] MAYS, J C C, ed. Poetical Works. (CC, 16).

[S I 2001] OELAND, Glenn. "William Bartram: A Naturalist's Vision of Frontier America." National Geographic

[S I 2001] PERRY, Seamus. "Coleridge's Scotland." CB, NS 17 (Summer 2001), 58-75. Map.

[S I 2001] WORTHEN, John. The Gang: Coleridge, the Hutchinsons & the Wordsworths in 1802 . Yale UP.

[S I 2002] C,J. "NB" [column]. TLS (15 N 2002). 16.

[S I 2002] FLETCHER, Terry. "How Coleridge Dealt with Rescue Blackspot [Broad Stand]."

[S I 2002?] HAWKINS, Paul. "The Coleridge Way: A . . . route linking Exmoor and the Quantocks."

[S I 2003] CHERNIAK, Judith. "No Resting Could He Find: [Mariner, Dutchman, Wandering Jew]"

[S I 2003] DAVIS, Pat. "Faithful to Her Father." Cumbria, 52 (Ja 20030, 21-23. Il.

[S I 2003] HAYASAKI, Erika. "Reading, ‘Riting and Rap." LATimes (14 Ja 2003), 1, 16. Il.

[S II.1 1984] McCRUMB, Sharyn. Sick of Shadows.

[S II.1 1991] PEARS, Iain. The Titian Committee. NY: Berkley Prime Crime (1991).

[S II.1 1992] ATHERTON, Nancy. Aunt Dimity's Death. NY: Penguin Bks (1992).

[S II.1 1995] DENTINGER, Jane. Who Dropped Peter Pan?

[S II.1 1997] CRIDER, Bill. Murder Takes a Break: A Truman Smith Mystery.

[S II.1 1998] DOBSON, Joanne. The Northbury Papers.

[S II.1 2000] SLATER, Susan. Yellow Lies. Toronto: Worldwide (2000).

[S II.1 Brief] Biographia : willing suspension of disbelief ??? Browning, Sinclair, The Sporting Club 2000

[S II.1 Brief] Kubla Khan : pleasure dome ??? Roberts, Les, The Indian Sign 2000

[S II.2 1967] ROSS, Walter S. The Last Hero: Charles A Lindbergh.

[S II.2 1997] MARTINEZ, J & M, Limited, NYC. Friendship is a Sheltering Tree. A greeting card.

[S II.2 1999] MERRIAM-WEBSTER, Inc. Word of the Day, Oct 01. On the Word-of-the-Day website

[S II.2 2000] HARVEY, Steve. "Begging Her Pardon." LA Times

[S II.2 2000] "Utopia for the Mind." Ann Arbor, MI: (nd but 2000).

[S II.3 19??] JENKINSON, John S. "STC Addresses The Creative Writing Class." Silent Treatment

[S II.3 197?] LEVIS, Larry. "Slow Child with a Book of Birds."

[S II.3 1976] COLLINS, Billy. "Names." MidAtlantic Review.

[S II.3 1977] PALMER, Leslie. "Coleridge, Cactus, Fish and Boy." Wind / Literary J.

[S II.3 1998] BRADING, Tilla. "Sara." Coleridge Bulletin, NS 19 (Sp 2002), 75-6. First pubd (1998).

[S II.3 2001] HALSEY, Alan. "STC: Initials as Structure." CB, NS 17 (Summer 2001), 92-4.

[S II.4 1962] SEAGRAM DISTILLERS COMPANY, N.Y.C. "The Rime of the 'Modern' Mariner." New Yorker

[S II.4 1999] STONES, Graeme, and John Strachan, eds. Parodies of the Romantic Age . 5 vols.

[S II.6 2001] McDONNELL, Patrick. Mutts, comic strip published in LAT

[S II.8 1996] The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Read by James Mason. Recorded in 1959.

[S II.8 2000] Finding Forrester . Written by Mike Rich. A Laurence Mark Production. Columbia Pictures.

[S II.8 2001] Grasmere. A play by Kristina Leach. Presented 2001 at CSU Fullerton, 2002 in Hollywood.

[S II.8 2001] Pandaemonium . Director Julien Temple. Producer Nick O'Hagan.

[S II.8 2001] [The Poet Coleridge in Ottery St Mary.] Ottery St Mary Heritage Society.

[S II.8 2001] Spy Nozy and the Poets. Afternoon play on BBC Radio 4.

[S II.8 2002] Possession. Focus Features & Warner Bros. Motion picture, Director Neil LaBute.

[S II.8 2003] BAKER, Mary. Bellingham and the Ambassador.

[S II.10 19??] POCOCK, Richard. At length did cross an Albatross. Ltd edn print, in Coleridge Cottage.

[S II.10 2002] WATCHET MARKET HOUSE MUSEUM. A 7-foot sculpture of the Ancient Mariner.

[S II.10 2003] HERRIOTT, Alan B. The Ancient Mariner. Larger-than-life bronze statue installed

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