Policy and Application for Filming in the University Library

Regulations governing use of the library for video/film production

  • Library users may not be distracted or disturbed by actors or crew
  • Any equipment used in the project may not impede access to rooms, aisles, or furniture
  • There can be no access to private offices or areas in which building tenants reside without written permission of the occupant
  • Any activity must conform to normal building hours
  • Food and drink (except water) may not be consumed during the project
  • There can be no alteration of normal lighting in the areas of activity
  • If it is necessary to move furniture, it must be returned promptly to its original position
  • Damage and/or power interruption must be reported immediately to a library staff member
  • All library restrictions regarding smoking, animals, bikes, etc. will remain in force
  • The library does not endorse any point of view or position that may be espoused by the production, and credits should include this disclaimer

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