BeachReach FAQs

BeachReach Account Login


Please note you MUST be signed in with your campus ID and password in order to use BeachReach


Use BeachReach to request an item that is not available at the CSULB Library or through OneSearch. An item is "not available" if:

  1. The item is not owned by any CSU library.
  2. The item is not on the shelf when YOU need it.  Items may not be on the shelf when you need them because they are
    • checked out
    • missing or lost
    • indicated as "unavailable" in OneSearch
    • at the bindery or being repaired.
  3. The item has restricted access/ is not available for check out in our library

You can use BeachReach to do the following:

  • submit requests for materials not available at CSULB or through OneSearch
  • see a list of and/or change information on your recently submitted requests
  • view, save, or delete electronically delivered items
  • see a list of items that you have checked out via BeachReach and request renewal(s) (provided item is not overdue)
  • see a list of your completed requests
  • review any items which have been canceled either by you or the InterLibrary Loan staff. 

BeachReach services are available to current CSULB students, faculty, and staff only. Your Campus ID and Password are required to log in.

CSU+ is a resource sharing network among the 23 CSU campus libraries. CSU+ is the fastest way to obtain loans of books and other physical items. Use CSU+ first to request materials that we do not own or have access to, when searching for a title in the OneSearch catalog.

BeachReach searches beyond the CSU libraries to request any type of item that cannot be requested through OneSearch. As of 6/13/2022, articles and book chapters can be requested directly from the OneSearch catalog, if available. You will receive emails with updates from the library about the status of your requests, regardless of the method used to request an item. 

We provide Interlibrary Loan (ILL) privileges as a service to supplement collections and electronic resources available at CSULB Library. As such, BeachReach declines to borrow items for CSULB patrons that are available from the CSULB Library, in any format, unless otherwise checked out or unavailable. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for faculty. Contact the ILL department for assistance.

We recommend against requesting textbooks, feature films, and best-sellers.  These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis; alternative options will be provided if available.   

Although a course textbook might be available from another library, they are usually not available through interlibrary loan. We will cancel requests for textbooks that are available at the library, including in our Reserve Collection.  

Feature films and best-sellers are often not available for loan from other libraries. 

We cannot request a full copy of an electronic book. One individual can place a request of no more than TWO chapters of any given book. Any requests for whole e-books will be canceled.

Yes! We are filling article/chapter requests even if a physical copy of the journal/book is available in our library. 

There are no costs to use BeachReach services.  The library pays for all requests.  However, the patron is responsible for any overdue, lost, or damaged items. 

Distance learners are students enrolled in CSULB classes that do not meet regularly on campus. Their program/cohort may meet online only, or at an alternative site. Distance Learners must identify their status each time they make a BeachReach request by selecting "Yes" to the question "Are you a distance learner?" in the request form.

Electronic Items: BeachReach requests made by Distance Learners for items already available electronically (articles, e-books, chapters) will be canceled.  Each cancellation message will include a direct link to our OneSearch catalog to access the requested content.  Patrons must be signed in to their CSULB library account to access our electronic books and journals.

Physical Items: BeachReach staff will validate enrollment in an active Distance Learner program.  We will work with the student to deliver books/media, via postal mail, to their current mailing address.  This includes books and items owned by CSULB as well as items borrowed from other libraries.

The more information you provide, the better. Double check your request to make sure it accurately reflects the citation you are seeking. Provide as much of the following as possible:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Volume number
  • Issue number
  • Page numbers
  • Year
  • Edition
  • ISBN (book) or ISSN (article)

Providing a detailed citation will allow us to process the request and get the material to you faster. You can always leave us a note in the “Note” field with any direct links or other important information you want to include about your citation.

You will receive an email notification when your materials are available.

To check the status of requests made via CSU+ or BeachReach, check your library account.

When your request has been filled, you will receive an email from BeachReach with a link to your account.

  • Once signed in to your account, select “Electronically Received Items.”
  • Next, click the 6-digit Transaction Number or article title
  • Open/view and save the PDF you requested  
  • Be advised you have 30 days to retrieve electronic documents.  After 30 days, the PDF will expire and disappear. Make sure to download and save your documents within that timeframe.

The vast majority of requests that are canceled are because the requested item IS available from the CSULB Library, and a detailed cancellation message will be sent.

If you have a question about a particular cancellation message, please call 562-985-4629 or email

You can indicate in your request the format you prefer, in keeping with copyright law.  As a reminder, we are unable to borrow e-books.  Ultimately, the lending library dictates the format in which we receive items. 

Please note you MUST be signed in with your campus ID and password in order to use BeachReach

  1. Make a request directly from the OneSearch catalog
    • If you find an item that our library does not have access to, you can click “Request Article from BeachReach (2-5 days)”. Clicking this will direct you to your BeachReach account and will automatically create your request. Check to make sure the citation information is correct and then select “Submit request” at the bottom of the page.

  2. Make a request directly from your BeachReach account

    • Log in to your account directly. Once you have logged in, you will see all your request options on the left.  Use the citation information from the item you are requesting to fill out the form.

Occasionally lending libraries send a file with missing pages or pages that are unreadable.  If this happens to you, please email as soon as possible.


Pages can be rotated in the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Use the "rotate" tool on the right end of the toolbar to change the orientation or "rotate" the document to view it.


Acrobat toolbar with red arrow pointing to rotate tool

You may have difficulties viewing PDF files delivered via BeachReach if Adobe is not selected as your default viewer.  Please follow these steps to make Adobe your default viewer on your Mac.

Don't forget, you need at least Acrobat 5.x or higher to view your documents. If you do not have 5.x or higher, please download and install a recent version.


The loan periods for materials borrowed through BeachReach are set by the lending library.  However, the item may allow for renewals.  Non-renewable materials have a stamp on the white strap banded around your item. To place a renewal, read the instructions on the book strap and log in to your BeachReach account to initiate the renewal process, or contact us.

Patrons needing additional help with accessible formats or who have any questions, should contact the Bob Murphy Access Center on campus.

By using this service you are agreeing to uphold the copyright restrictions that are applicable to all library materials, whether paper or digital.

BeachReach uses various statuses to track requests and control workflow. If you have a question about a particular status message, please email

Please call ILL staff at 562-985-4629 or email