Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Being Open for Finals)

Published November 8, 2017

Campus Community Update #303

It is everyone's favorite time of the semester, finals! The Library is committed to helping you survive them by staying open 24 hours for all your studying and computing needs. Our 24/7 operations will begin Sunday, December 10th at 12:30PM and end on the night of Tuesday, December 19th at 12 midnight.

During this special time of the semester we remind you that:

Community Service Officers (CSOs) will be located in the lobby area to provide escort service if requested.
After Starbucks closes, free coffee will be served (while supplies last)!
If you need late night research help, use our 24/7 chat service or our library FAQs.
Please help us keep the Library clean and welcoming during this time and for your safety and the safety of others, observe the following rules during the Library's extended hours:

  • No reserving, saving, or selling of seating.
  • No camping or squatting.
  • No electrical appliances.
  • No shopping carts.
  • No moving of furniture that is bolted or restrained.
  • No blocking aisles, pathways, or doors.

Long Beach municipal code may be enforced if these rules are not observed. The Library is not responsible for belongings left unattended.

You can't stop now, you can't stop now, you can't stop now.
Don't stop now, don't stop now, keep it going now.

- Usher Raymond IV, 2012

Banner image credit: "Open 24 hours" by Marcin Wichary