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Application FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the University Honors Application process can be located on this page.  


Student ID Numbers

When do I receive a CSULB student ID number? Where can I find my CSULB ID number?

You should receive your CSULB student ID number via email 2-3 days after submitting an application to CSULB through CalState Apply.

You can visit CSULB Enrollment Services site to retrieve your student ID number.

Is there a separate application for President's Scholarships?

No. Our online application is for both the University Honors Program AND the President's Scholarships.

Can Sophomores/Juniors still apply?

I have sophomore or junior standing at CSULB.  Can I still apply to the University Honors Program?

Yes, continuing and transfer students are encouraged to apply.  Applicants must meet the minimum entry GPA  of 3.5 and have enough remaining units to complete the honors requirements. Please visit our Advising page for more details or to make an advising appointment with Honors Academic Advisor.

Adding Multiple or Additional Transcripts

I have multiple transcripts to upload for my program/scholarship application OR I have already submitted my application but I have an additional transcript or transcripts to upload.

If you need to upload more than one transcript, please zip then into one file before uploading. You can also email the documents in pdf format to

When is the deadline to Apply?

  •  Applying for Fall Program Admittance
    • First Round with President’s Scholarships consideration (First year and transfer students)
      • February 1 - Application opens
      • March 1 - Deadline for completed application and Letters of Recommendation
    • Second Round (First year, transfer, and continuing CSULB students)
      • March 15 - Application opens
      • June 1 - Deadline for completed application and Letters of Recommendation
  • Applying for Spring Program Admittance
    • First Round (transfer and continuing CSULB students)
      • November 15 - Application opens
      • December 15 - Deadline for completed application and Letters of Recommendation

Does applying to the University Honors Program commit me to attending CSULB?

No, by submitting your application to the University Honors Program, it does not commit you to CSULB.

When should I expect to be notified of my application status?

You will be notified of your application status approximately 35 days after the deadline of the application round in which you applied.

Are new Honors students required to live in Honors House?

Newly admitted University Honors students who apply for on-campus housing, will be placed in the Honors House, the on-campus dorm for University Honors Program students (subject to space availability; placements are made in the order they are received). Honors House residents are required to participate in an enhanced Honors House curriculum, which encourages students to be critical thinkers and engaged citizens, both locally and globally.  More information about on-campus housing can be found at,

How can I receive a campus tour and learn more about Honors?

General campus tours and self-guided tours are available through the University Outreach & School Relations Department. 

Honors specific tours will be available during Housing & Residential Life’s Open House in the spring.  This event is a great opportunity to learn more about the campus, available resources, and the University Honors Program.  

If your question is related to another aspect of our program, please select a different FAQ section from below: