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Course FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding the University Honors courses can be located on this page.


How many honors courses can I request to take per semester?

There is no limit to how many permit you may request per semester, though the permit request form will only allow 2 permit requests per submission. If you'd like to request more than two course permits, you should submit 2 or more permit requests forms.

When will I receive confirmation for my permit?

Approximately 10 business days after your submit your permit request form.

When should I enroll in my Honors courses?

It is suggested that you enroll immediately after a permit has been granted. Students waiting to enroll in courses during Round 2 of Registration (maximum of 18 units) should notify an Academic Advisor.

If I am wait-listed for an Honors course what should I do?

Typically, we suggest filling that time-slot with another course as a backup. You may also consult with one of our Academic Advisors about your specific situation.

Can I take my Honors courses for Credit/No Credit?

Honors courses taken for Credit/No Credit will not count towards your Honors Program plan requirements, though they may satisfy a GE requirement.

Can I audit an Honors Course?

Please consult one of our Academic Advisors about your situation.

If your question is related to another aspect of our program, please select a different FAQ section from below: