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Application Process

The University Honors Program at California State University, Long Beach aims to attract students who are not only academically high achieving but also those who plan to be meaningfully engaged at CSULB, and with campus’ surrounding communities. Honors students are leaders, stewards of the environment, global citizens, out-of-the-box thinkers, and intrepid in their educational pursuits.


Candidate Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher (4.0 or higher recommended for President’s Scholarship consideration)*
  • Ability to complete the unit requirements of the selected Honors Plan

*If some criteria are unmet and under special circumstances, applicants may be evaluated for special admissions consideration by the Honors Program Director

**Newly admitted University Honors students who are accepted into on-campus housing will be placed in Honors House (Los Cerritos Residence Hall), subject to space availability.

Timeframes & Deadlines

Applying for Fall Program Admittance

First Round with President’s Scholarships consideration (First-year, transfer, and continuing CSULB students*)

  • February 1 - Application opens
  • March 1 -  Application closes (Deadline for completed application and recommendation**)

Second Round (First-year, transfer, and continuing CSULB students)

  • March 15 - Application opens
  • April 15 -  Application closes (Deadline for completed application and recommendation**)

Third Round (Transfer and continuing CSULB students)

  • May 1 - Application opens
  • June 1 -  Application closes (Deadline for completed application and recommendation**)

Applying for Spring Program Admittance

First Round (Transfer and continuing CSULB students)

  • November 15 - Application opens
  • December 15 -  Application closes (Deadline for completed application and recommendation**)


*Continuing CSULB students are not eligible for the President's Scholarship.

**It is suggested that you submit your application at least a week prior to the deadline to give your recommender ample time to submit their recommendation on your behalf. 

Application Checklist: (What You Will Need)

  • Your CSULB ID Number
    • This is your 9-digit student number that is provided to you on your admissions letter.
  • Unofficial Transcripts
    • Saved in PDF format
  • Recommender Contact Information
    • The individual (e.g., teacher, professor, counselor, etc.) who will be providing a recommendation for you.  
      • Please note: Your recommender will receive an email to submit a recommendation for you online after you submit your University Honors Application. Recommendations that speak to your promise or potential in your chosen field are preferred. It is suggested that you submit your application at least a week prior to the deadline to give your recommender ample time to submit their recommendation on your behalf.  
  • Personal Statement
    • ​Please make sure your statement fully addresses the four-part prompt.
    • In your essay, please:
  1. Explain how you think being part of the University Honors Program at CSULB will enhance your undergraduate experience;
  2. Discuss how your unique background (personal, cultural, community, academic, extra-curricular, professional or other experiences) has influenced your choice of major
  3. Exemplify how your background will enhance the UHP community’s social justice aims;
  4. Describe your dreams, leadership experiences and/or goals and one challenge you had to overcome (and what you learned from the experience).

The personal statement represents your opportunity to introduce yourself to the University Honors Program. Take time to thoughtfully reflect upon what you will write. A personal statement is unique to each individual so while no one “right” essay style exists, you may find these guidelines useful:

  • DO insert your full name and the date in your document header.  
  • DO use 12-point font and one-inch margins and write a maximum of two pages, double spaced (approx. 500 words).
  • DO proofread and edit carefully: avoid distracting your readers with preventable writing mistakes.
  • DO provide specific examples of your points: avoid vague generalities and unsupported assertions.
  • DO exercise critical thinking by providing a carefully considered statement: avoid cliches, quotations from others (we want to hear from you!), and grandiose claims.
  • DO give yourself enough time to submit your best draft by planning time for brainstorming, writing, proofreading, and editing.