About President's Scholarships

President's Scholars Group Portrait

President’s Scholarships are the most prestigious merit-based scholarships awarded by CSULB and have helped make The Beach a university of choice for students throughout - and beyond - California. The idea behind the President’s Scholarships is to reward and foster academic excellence by making a very special scholarship/educational opportunity available to the best and brightest students. President’s Scholars are selected from a talented pool of top-performing students admitted to the University Honors Program and receive financial support in the form of individualized award packages.

Launched in 1995 by then-President Robert Maxson, President’s Scholarships have drawn more than 1,200 of the best and brightest to CSULB, where they have pursued their studies in a stimulating and supportive environment. This scholarship has been awarded to high-achieving students who aspire to lead and serve in an increasingly complex, interconnected world. For our forward-looking President’s Scholars, achievement in higher education is not simply a road to personal and professional success - it also represents an opportunity to give back to their communities and to provide an example that encourages others to pursue their most cherished dreams.

President’s Scholars can and do make the most of their undergraduate student experience. What is more, they help raise the bar for the general student population and for faculty and staff, as well; the result is a more diverse and dynamic university that is better able to serve a changing world in challenging times. Additionally, as the reach and reputation of the President’s Scholarships grows, so too does the prestige of the university as a whole - and of all degrees conferred by CSULB.