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About Us

The Student Health Services at California State University, Long Beach was founded in 1949 and celebrated its 70th year in 2019. An integral part of the campus, Student Health Services supports academic excellence by promoting physical and mental well-being, through affordable quality health services and education. Utilizing a team of dedicated professionals, we provide sensitive, confidential healthcare services to a diverse campus community.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Student Health Services had a total of:

  • 25,709 Total Clinic Visits
  • 4,108 Women's Health Visits
  • 16,700 Lab Tests Conducted
  • 8,149 Over-the-Counter Medications Purchased
  • 1,934 Flu Shots Given
  • 13,972 students received health information at outreach events

Student Health Services is distinguished by professional excellence and collaboration in wellness services that are student-centered, respectful and accessible.

Our Values are:

  • Student success
  • Quality care
  • Respect and sensitivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Trust and collaboration
  • Individual growth and development