A Patient Portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Your Patient Portal at Student Health Services contains your appointment history, message center where you can communicate directly with your clinician, patient education handouts received during your visit, and forms to complete before your upcoming visits.

Please note that the following forms MUST be completed prior to your visit at Student Health Services:

  • Health History Form
  • Consent for Treatment Form
  • Notice of Privacy Practices

These forms can be accessed in the Patient Portal before your visit.

You may also need to complete a Clinical Questionnaire based on the type of appointment you have.

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Navigating The Patient Portal

  • Home

Overview of upcoming appointments and forms that need to be completed

  • Profile

Contains your contact information. You can edit your preferred name, local and mobile phone, phone carrier, local address, and emergency contact.

  • Medical Clearances (Upload your immunization records here!)

This is where you will upload your immunization records and/or titers. You can also see which immunizations still need to be uploaded and check the status of your records to see if they are still pending or cleared.

  • Health History Form
  • Consent for Treatment Form
  • Notice of Privacy Practices

Please complete these forms in the Patient Portal before your visit.

  • Appointments

Lists all of your upcoming and past appointments at Student Health Services. You can cancel any upcoming appointments online, but may not be able to reschedule all appointment types online.
Certain appointments require clinical questionnaires to be completed before the visit. They will appear under each appointment if available.

  • Referrals

Lists any referral recommendations ordered by your clinician.

  • Handouts

A list of Patient Education handouts provided during your visit(s) at Student Health Services. Please note that sometimes clinicians may print a handout directly from a website and those handouts would not appear here.

  • Messages

This secure message center allows you to communicate directly with your clinician. Any messages sent from Student Health Services staff, such as results or follow-up communication can be accessed here and you can reply directly to your clinician.

  • Letters

Contains any letters sent from Student Health Services.

  • Immunizations

History of all Immunizations received at Student Health Services.