Psychiatrists are medical doctors who evaluate people for the potential use of medication as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to address the psychological, biological, medical and social causes of emotional distress. Psychiatric consultation and treatment are available for CSULB students whose mental health concerns might indicate the need for medication in addition to therapy. Our psychiatrist will meet with students to assess whether medication is appropriate and, if so, prescribe it accordingly. An appointment with the psychiatrist may be scheduled after you speak with the SHS Case Manager or your CAPS therapist.  In order to have accurate health information prior to your visit, we ask that you complete the pre-intake survey and complete forms in the SHS Patient Portal. 

  At the initial psychiatric visit, the psychiatrist typically meets with students for a 45-50 minute evaluation appointment to determine the most appropriate treatment. Students who begin a medication regimen can continue to meet with the psychiatric provider periodically for follow-up appointments until the student is referred to a community provider. Some medications prescribed can be filled from the Student Health Services pharmacy at reduced rates for students.

Psychiatry Appointment Interest Form