What is Project Rebound at the Beach?

Project Rebound is a California State University program established by John Irwin at San Francisco State University in 1967.  Project Rebound assists formerly incarcerated individuals as they work to transform their lives through higher education. In keeping with the spirit of Dr. Irwin’s vision, Project Rebound recruits and supports formerly incarcerated individuals seeking to advance their education at CSU Long Beach.  We seek to admit students who are motivated to succeed in a field of study that leads to a Baccalaureate/Master’s Degree.  To that end, we help prospective students who might not normally qualify for university acceptance due to application deadlines, minor academic deficiencies, and/or impacted program status. By offering resources and connections with supportive campus and community entities, Project Rebound at CSU Long Beach strives to secure students’ basic needs, so that they can concentrate on gaining expertise in their field of study and achieving their educational goals.

As part of our commitment to the success of formerly incarcerated students, Project Rebound at CSU Long Beach has partnered with Law Offices of Higbee & Associates to offer our members pro bono legal services as they pursue an expungement of their criminal conviction, a certificate of rehabilitation, or a gubernatorial pardon.  Through this partnership, Project Rebound at CSU Long Beach assists its members in removing obstacles to success that often perpetually plague members of our population as they strive to succeed post-release.