Sports Medicine

A Sports Medicine Specialist is a physician with significant specialized training in both the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. Sports Medicine Specialists help patients maximize function and minimize disability and time away from sports, work, or school.

A Sports Medicine Specialist can assist patients with some of the following issues:

  • Acute injuries such as ankle sprains, muscle strains, knee and shoulder injuries, and fractures
  • Overuse injuries such as rotator cuff and other forms of tendonitis, stress fractures
  • Concussion and other head injuries
  • Athletes with chronic or acute illness such as asthma, diabetes, or mononucleosis
  • Nutrition, supplements, and performance issues
  • Exercise prescription for patients who want to increase their fitness
  • Injury prevention
  • "Return to Play" decisions in the sick or injured athlete
  • Recommendations on safe strength training and conditioning exercises
  • Healthy lifestyle promotion

Sports Medicine Specialists do not only see athletes; they are also excellent resources for individuals who wish to become active or begin an exercise program.

To schedule a Sports Medicine appointment, call the Student Health Services at 562.985.4771