Tutoring at CSULB

Tutoring can help students gain skills and understand concepts covered in class more rapidly than in the classroom setting and can make a significant difference in students' academic success.

There are a number of tutoring opportunities available to CSULB students who seek to learn more about an educational subject or skill. Most areas offer free or low-cost tutoring on an individual and/or drop-in basis. Some programs offer additional learning resources, such as academic coaching and mentoring.

Contact the specific area for further information regarding tutoring schedules and any associated fees.

NOTE: While the University is in Alternate Methods of Instruction, the physical locations of Academic Resource Centers on campus are closed but offering online instruction, usually through the Zoom platform. See center websites listed below for more information on accessing services.


  • For Whom: Any CSULB student who wants academic support for specific courses, study skills, or English language support
  • Location: SSC-160 (Online/Zoom during alternative instruction)
  • Tutoring Offered: Drop-in tutoring for Statistics (108, 118, IS-310, Soc 170) General Math, Chemistry 111A/B and 140, Biol 201, 205, 207, 208, Nursing 200 and 305, Nutrition 132, Psychology 100, Philosophy 100, 101, 130, 160, 170, 370, Humanities (assistance with close-reading, analysis, and idea-organization.
  • 1-on-1 tutoring by appointment for: All courses for listed for drop-in above, plus additional courses upon request (check Beach Connect or submit an "Appointment Request Form" via our website) 
  • Other Services Offered: Academic Coaching Appointments, Supplemental Instruction, ESL Language & Writing Tutoring
  • Cost: Free
  • Phone: (562) 985-5350
  • The Learning Center Website

  • For Whom: All CSULB students who would like to work with a writing tutor.
  • Location: SSSC-245 (In-Person and Zoom Appointments Available)
  • Tutoring Offered: Writing support for all courses; Writing applications for grad school, jobs, scholarships, & grants; Writing workshops for GWAR.
  • Cost: Free
  • Phone: (562) 985-5162
  • University Writing Center Website


Departmental Tutoring

Academic assistance provided to specific content areas, often related to specific college or department.


  • For Whom: Free for CSULB students
  • Location: COB-126 (In-Person and online services)
  • Tutoring Offered: ACCT 201, 202, 300A, 300B, 320 351; CBA 300; FIN 300; HRM 360; IS 301 and writing support; MATH 112A, 115; MGMT 300; MKTG 300; Microsoft Access, Excel; STAT 108, 118; Coding - Python, C++, JavaScript, SQL
  • Cost: Free
  • Phone: (562) 985-4514
  • College of Business Tutoring Website

  • For Whom: Students enrolled in Economics courses.
  • Location: SSPA-362 (Online/Zoom during alternative instruction)
  • Tutoring Offered: Principles of Microeconomics (100), Principles of Macroeconomics (101), Microeconomic Theory (310), Macroeconomic Theory (311), and Economic Statistics (380)
  • Cost: Free
  • Phone: (562) 985-5061
  • Economics Tutoring Website

  • For Whom: Students enrolled in Communication courses
  • Location:  In-Person in AS-351 and online via Microsoft Teams
  • Tutoring Offered: All Communication Studies Courses
  • Cost: Free
  • Phone: (562) 985-4301
  • Communications Studies Tutoring Center Website

  • For Whom: Undergraduate Engineering students
  • Location: EN2-300  (Online/Zoom during alternative instruction)
  • Tutoring Offered: lower & upper division engineering courses in BME, MAE, CECS, EE, CECEM, & CHE
  • Cost: Free
  • Availability: Varies, refer to website
  • Phone: N/A
  • College of Engineering Tutoring Center Website


Additional Resources

Academic assistance provided to specific student populations, content areas, or skills areas.


  • For Whom: Eligible Students
  • Location: SSC-260  (Online/Zoom during alternative instruction)
  • Tutoring Offered: Various Subjects
  • Cost: Free (Eligibility Requirements)
  • Phone: (562) 985-5637
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Website

  • For Whom: Open to CSULB students and staff
  • Location: AS-122  (Online/Zoom during alternative instruction)
  • Subjects: Communication/Oral Presentation Skills
  • Cost: Free
  • Phone: (562) 985-7142
  • Hauth Center for Communication Skills Website

  • For Whom: Freshmen
  • Location: SSSC-230  (Online/Zoom during alternative instruction)
  • Tutoring Support Services Offered: Support to freshmen who are required to complete GE Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning with a Co-requisite Support Course, as well as Written Communication (Composition I & II) and ALI courses (ALI 145 & 150).
  • Cost: Free
  • Phone: (562) 985-7895
  • Mentoring, Advising, and Placement Support (MAPS) Program Website