Class Meeting Times Compliance

Standard start times for lecture/seminar classes are enforced as a way to minimize conflicts in student schedules and final exams, and to maximize classroom utilization. All lecture/seminar classes meeting Monday through Friday before 5:00 p.m. must be scheduled in compliance with Class Scheduling Policy Statement 17-07 and are closely monitored by Academic Affairs and Academic Scheduling. The Standard Scheduling Grid provides detailed information on class meeting times and should be referred to when deciding on class meeting times.

Classes not in compliance will not appear in the Schedule of Classes, and will not be available for students to enroll. Lab and activity sections are not currently monitored. However, they should also conform to the start times specified above whenever possible so that time conflicts do not prevent students from taking other classes.

Room type is not a consideration when determining compliance. Whether a lecture/seminar class meets in an All-University classroom or college/department proprietary space, it must still follow scheduling policy. The one exception is off-campus classes, which are not monitored at this time.