2018 Fall

Fernando Del Rosario headshot with graphic text

Thursday, September 6, 7:00-9:45pm
In The CSULB Design Department, Lecture Hall 112 or Duncan Anderson Gallery

Fernando Del Rosario
Freelance Art/Creative Director/Graphic Designer


"Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
-Albert Einstein

"Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.”
-E. Nightingale

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”
-Scott Adams

Fernando Del Rosario is a creative director within the advertising, marketing, graphic design industry. His background consist of working with Y&R advertising, BBDO, Wunderman, Cambell-Ewald, David & Goliath and Innocean World Wide. Fernando has had the wonderful opportunity to work on incredible brands like: Hyundai, Kia, Lincoln, Mercury, Chevrolet, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Jaguar, Toyota, Hot Wheels, Mattel, Spinmasters, Bandai, Playmates Toys, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Carl’s Jr., CA Lottery, Dryer’s Ice Cream, Motorola, Yokohama Tires, Southern California Edison and Sony, Warner Bros.

In the midst of a prospering creative career, Fernando has carved out a time to teach and mentor students at the Art Institute of California for the last 12 years. And have attained his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.

And still through out his years of creative and professional experience, Fernando still asks and explore the question…”What is Creativity?”


Henning Knoepfle headshot

Thursday, September 13, 7:00-9:45pm
In The CSULB Design Department, Lecture Hall 112 or Duncan Anderson Gallery

Henning Knoepfle
Consultant Design & Business Development


Seeing how a society transforms in a matter of a few years is one of the most amazing experiences I had in my life. January 2011, it was one of those chilling colds that grip you, getting deep in to your bones. I just moved to Lujiazui in to an apartment overlooking the Huangpu river. The air-condition couldn’t fight the cold, I mostly sat with my down jacket on the elegant couch in this marble floored modern apartment, one of the most expensive towers in Shanghai. Yes, I made the move to China and it should be another transformational experience for me.

While studying Industrial Design in Hannover, Germany I had the chance to enjoy being a guest student in Chicago. Later working in the Frankfurt area for a supplier, I have designed and led many different projects for OEM’s like Opel, Chevy, Mazda, Mercedes and Mitsubishi. After moving to California I settled in Long Beach working for Mitsubishi Motors on production and concept cars. However, when 2009 came and things took a turn I used my teaching skills to lecture at CSULB before moving to China. Being enticed to start an educational business, I eventually was appointed as GM to run Technicon Design’s operation in China.

During this evening I am focusing on my experience working for a small design service company that struggled to cope with the ever changing Chinese market. Performing a turn around and building a local focused design team. Than briefly working for a Chinese firm and their approach to Design and Business. Its a journey trying to grasp a diverse culture with all its complexity and contradiction.

Tim Hwang headshot

Thursday, September 27, 7:00-9:45pm
In The CSULB Design Department, Lecture Hall 112 or Duncan Anderson Gallery

Tim Hwang
Researcher, Writer | San Francisco


Governments, corporations, and religions are formidable institutions, whose power emerges not just from their resources but from a bundle of symbols and processes of authority: important-sounding titles, formal legal language, imposing offices, seals, certifications, and so on. Power is not just possessed, but actively manufactured through design of all kinds.

But, like many other things, what was formerly the preserve of the few has become widely distributed to all. While these symbols still pack a punch, today the tools are available for nearly everyone to copy these design patterns for fun and profit.

This talk will unpack a brief history of this kind of design, examining the historical record of using visuals, architecture, and processes to establish and extend authority on the behalf of the grand institutions of society. But, in the process, we'll talk about the possibility of objects that the speaker has worked on in recent years that play with these concepts, and the outcomes that have emerged.

Tim Hwang is a writer and researcher based in California. He is the editor-in-chief of the California Review of Images and Mark Zuckerberg, a scholarly journal dedicated to the study of the visual culture of Mark Zuckerberg. Most recently, he is the publisher of The Trade Journal Cooperative, a quarterly subscription service which delivers niche trade journals to people around the world. Dubbed “The Busiest Man on the Internet” by Forbes Magazine, his work has appeared in New York Times, the Washington Post, Wired, The Atlantic, and
the Wall Street Journal. He is on Twitter @timhwang.

David Peterson headshot

Thursday, October 4, 7:00-9:45pm
In The CSULB Design Department, Lecture Hall 112 or Duncan Anderson Gallery

David Peterson
Alien Language & Culture Consultant | The CW


From shows like HBO's Game of Thrones and movies like Avatar, you may have heard of conlanging: the intentional construction of language. Designing a language can seem like a daunting task, but creating a functional language is rather simple, albeit time consuming. The languages created for Game of Thrones and other shows like The 100, Defiance, and Bright go beyond mere functionality, though. In this talk David
Peterson will describe his process of authentic language creation, and detail how it applies both to spoken and written language invention.

David Peterson is a language creator and author. He received a BA in English and a BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley in 2003, and an MA in Linguistics from UC San Diego in 2005. Starting with HBO's Game of Thrones in 2009, David has been a professional language creator for almost ten years, and has created languages for almost 20 television shows, movies, and video games, including the CW's The 100, Marvel's Doctor Strange, and Netflix's Bright. In 2015 he released The Art of Language Invention with Penguin Books, a detailed guide to creating an authentic constructed language.

Seth Neville headshot photo

Thursday, October 11, 7:00-9:45pm
In The CSULB Design Department, Lecture Hall 112 or Duncan Anderson Gallery

Seth Neville
Product Brand Manager | Eagle Creek

Lecture Title TBD

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Thursday, March 8, 7:00-9:45pm
In The CSULB Design Department, Lecture Hall 112 or Duncan Anderson Gallery

Josh Stein
Principal | Radical Craft

Lecture Title TBD

Joshua G. Stein is the founder of Radical Craft and the co-director of the Data Clay Network, a forum for the exploration of digital techniques applied to ceramic materials. Radical Craft is a Los Angeles-based research and design studio operating between fields of architecture, art and urbanism. Radical Craft advances design saturated in history (from archaeology to craft) that inflects the production of contemporary urban spaces and artifacts, evolving newly grounded approaches to the challenges posed by virtuality, velocity, and globalization. Recent projects engage earthen materials that resist easy manipulation, whether in raw or consolidated states. Stein has taught at the California College of the Arts, Cornell University, SCI-Arc, and the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. He was a 2010-11 Rome Prize Fellow in Architecture, and is currently Professor of Architecture at Woodbury University.

Through collaborations with other specialists from various disciplines, Radical Craft locates and reworks existing logics across various fields into unexpected solutions. This method of research/production takes the sensibility of craft seeped in tradition, expertise and intuition, and injects a critical investigation into emerging technologies and typologies-creating new situations which appear both logical and novel.

Quyhnh Nguyen headshot

Thursday, November 1, 7:00-9:45pm
In The CSULB Design Department, Lecture Hall 112 or Duncan Anderson Gallery

Quynh Nguyen
Senior Writer and Learning Strategist

What's Your Narrative? Words Matter, Even in Design.​

Quynh is a writer who specializes in content strategy for architecture, art, and design. Her work focuses on identifying the authentic narrative of creatives, their practice, and their work. She collaborates with clients to pinpoint core messages and creates content tailored for their target audiences. This work also involves coaching clients on how to talk about their work by strategizing language and key points. Her practice is rooted in fostering an open dialogue to ensure that the integrity of the client’s purpose and identity is reflected in the content.

Quynh graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors degree in English and Psychology, and a minor in Art History. She has worked with domestic and international architects, artists, and designers—ranging from interior, landscape, event, exhibition to product and experience.

Jenna Didier headshot

Thursday, November 8, 7:00-9:45pm
In The CSULB Design Department, Lecture Hall 112 or Duncan Anderson Gallery

Jenna Didier
Artist, non-profit founder

Lecture Title TBD

Jenna Didier is an artist whose work expanded, shifting focus to the public realm and social aesthetics in 2002 when she founded Materials & Applications to explore collaborative methodologies and new media/ technologies. She has been a guest lecturer at the Studio for Urban Projects in San Francisco, MIT Computation Lab, Taliesin West, The Storefront for Art and Architecture LA pop-up, AIA Mobius LA Conference, the MAK Center, CalArts, AltBuild Conference, and TED-LA amongst other venues. Beyond her role as director at M&A, Didier has created temporary art installations for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Pomona College, the Rochester Arts Center, and the Instant Herlev Institute in Copenhagen. Didier received the Neutra Spirit Award in 2009 and a Public Art Network Award (with Oliver Hess) from Americans for the Arts for a site-specific public art project, Orit Haj, completed in 2012. She received a commendation from the County of Los Angeles for the same public art piece and has several permanent public art commissions nearing completion.

She is the president of Fountainhead Water Feature Design and has over twenty years experience in the water feature design and engineering industry.

Specialties: water systems engineering, environmental design, social engagement strategies, public art.

Lesley Roberts headshot

Thursday, April 5, 7:00-9:45pm
In The CSULB Design Department, Lecture Hall 112 or Duncan Anderson Gallery

Lesley Roberts
Principal at Oceanparkstudio

Moderated Panel​

Topic and bio to come