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PandoPopulus, Immersive Design Research Lab, HXDI logos
Heather Barker, Associate Professor and Graduate HXDI Coordinator will, through the lmmersive Design Research Lab, lead a team bringing expertise from all over Long Beach, focusing on the topic, Urban (Ocean). The topic is broad and can go in many directions. We are excited to see where the design process leads.
The Department of Design is now seeking an Assistant Professor of Design (Human-Centered). To learn more please visit the job posting.
Marilyn Pham, Joyce Leung, and Stephanie Interiano
Three (3) Junior IA students have received the NEWH (The Hospitality Industry Network) scholarship.  Joyce Leung - $2500 Marilyn Pham - $2500 Stephanie Interiano - $5000        
HXDI students and faculty engaged in collaborative strategy session
The Department of Design is excited to offer students a Master of Arts in Human Experience Design Interactions (MA_HXDI). The program will prepare students and/or returning professionals from diverse undergraduate backgrounds for advanced multidisciplinary design work in careers of their choice.
Alena Rey Gretencord
Scott Gretencord (Alena's father) has invited us all to attend Alena's Celebration of Life this coming Sunday, November 11th, 11am-1pm All are invited Anaheim Hills Golf Course Clubhouse 6501 Nohl Ranch Road Anaheim, CA. 92807  
Alena Rey Gretencord
Design will hold an immediate gathering at our gallery this Wednesday, October 31, 11:45am–1:00 pm All students and faculty are invited. We will have food and counseling available for anyone in need. Alena's Senior Industrial Design classmates and friends will present a special gift to Alena's family as well. Other memorials and services to come in coming weeks. The Department of Design has been struck with the tragic loss of one of our beloved students for a second time in just three years.