There is no portfolio requirement for incoming freshman applicants to the Design Department at CSULB. All freshman apply directly through Cal State Apply — online application for admission into any State University.



Those wishing to transfer to the Department of Design at CSULB must meet the minimum major-specific requirements and competitive ranking based on the CSULB Supplemental Application. 


General Design (BA), Industrial Design (BS),& Interior Design (BFA) Transfer Applicants

Transfer students to all of the Design programs do not need a portfolio for admission. All transfer applicants are required to apply by the deadline, meet general University admission requirements, and apply to a specific major. All Design majors are considered major-specific admissions criteria. For specific information please visit Enrollment.




The Department of Design now offers a Master of Arts in Human Experience Design Interactions (MA_HXDI).


Students interested in the MA_HXDI program must first apply to, and be accepted by the University. After which, additional application materials will be required to be submitted through an online platform for review by the department graduate admissions committee. Through this competitive process, a cohort of students will be selected based on diversity of skills, experiences and potential to perform successfully in an intensive, full-time, face-to-face design program.


Once admitted into the Department of Design, students will enroll in required graduate courses. Please see the MA_HXDI Flow Chart and the CSULB Catalog for specific course requirements and descriptions. For more detailed information see the MA_HXDI policy statement.


Application Guide (PDF) Download