Fall 2022

Jimmy Huynh Profile

Thursday September 1 2022, 7:00-9:45pm

CSULB Department of Design, Duncan Anderson Zoom
via Zoom — https://csulb.zoom.us/j/82303149749

Jimmy Huynh

Industrial Design Engineer - HyperX at HP

“Is Industrial Design Dead?” 

Jimmy Huynh is an Industrial Designer specializing in consumer electronics
for gamers. After graduating from California State University, Long Beach in
2017, Jimmy applied his design efforts, gaining experience working at Kingston Technology, Biolase, Thangs.com, Patton Design, Wilson Staff, HP, and HyperX. Jimmy’s passion for industrial design has expanded into design education through his youtube channel and lecturing Jr. Studio at CSULB in Spring of 2020.

Peter DeMaria Profile

Thursday, September 8, 7:00-9:45pm

CSULB Department of Design, Duncan Anderson Zoom
— https://csulb.zoom.us/j/82303149749

Peter DeMaria

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder STEELBLOX

“Building Blocks” 

Peter DeMaria is the founding Principal of DeMaria Design LLC and Logical Homes. The driving design innovator behind the affordable housing/homeless solutions
at HBG Modular/Azria Homes, he visualizes architecture fulfilling a critical force
on the planet. The recipient of three AIA Honor Awards for Excellence in Design

He also received Bank of Manhattan’s Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year Award in recognition of his progressive and committed business development focused on alternative building methodologies and systems. Recognized with national and local design awards, his work has been published and exhibited internationally and also televised on the Sundance Channel, HGTV, CNN, and MSNBC.

Megan Landry Profile

Thursday, September 29, 7:00-9:45pm

CSULB Department of Design, Duncan Anderson Zoom
— https://csulb.zoom.us/j/82303149749

Megan Landry

Lead Product Designer, Experian

“Success is about skills, but not the ones you think”

A passion for engineering, design and psychology has fueled Megan’s career from graphic design to industrial design and now user experience design. Refusing
to give up a pen and paper, her process has always begun with sketches and whiteboarding. She strongly believes the best designs come from collaboration and brainstorming. Her superpower is creating order out of chaos and therefore loves building process, design systems and creating flows. Forever the student, Megan stays inspired by creating art in a variety of mediums, exploring new tech, new products and new places.

Julio Flores Profile

Thursday, October 6, 7:00-9:45pm

CSULB Department of Design, Duncan Anderson Zoom

Julio Flores

President at GK Design International Inc.

"Communicating Your Design"

We spend a lot of time working on our visuals for a project or meeting. Unfortunately, how you present your work and explain it will determine whether it gets recognized or passed over. This lecture will attempt to explain the importance of getting your message heard and getting the support you need to move your project forward on its path through development.

Julio Flores is a 1997 graduate of the Industrial Design program at CSULB. After switching from Mechanical Engineering, he found ID as a bridge between his curiosity about how things work and making ideas come to life. He has worked in the powersports industry after looking up his job in the phonebook more than 20 years ago. Having worked at an international design office and designing products sold around the world, he has learned first-hand how important communication is between designers and their clients.

Bryan Young Profile

Thursday, October 20, 7:00-9:45pm

CSULB Department of Design, Duncan Anderson Zoom
— https://csulb.zoom.us/j/82303149749

Bryan Young

Automotive Designer | Industrial Designer | TEDx Speaker

“Just Keep Swimming” 

Bryan Young is a transportation designer, fine artist, TED speaker, and adjunct professor with over 25 years of experience, based in suburban Detroit, MI.
He has designed production and concept vehicles for Ford, GM, Stellantis, Lexus, Navistar, as well as products for Steelcase Furniture, John Deere, Oshkosh, Vermeer, Shinola and many more. A graduate of the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, he navigates both corporate and entrepreneurial spaces. Bryan has been awarded multiple US Patents for various innovative designs, has created commercial interior designs for corporations, been commissioned to create murals and has a successful apparel business. Bryan was the first African-American design director at a John Deere subsidiary.
He travels the world on countless humanitarian trips teaching art. Bryan is constantly inspired by his own children and those he mentors who are interested in design careers. And recently gave his first TEDtalk and joined the faculty at CCS teaching design.

John Kaloustian Profile

Thursday, October 27, 7:00-9:45pm

CSULB Department of Design, Duncan Anderson Zoom
— https://csulb.zoom.us/j/82303149749

John Kaloustian

Designer - Consultant, John Kaloustian, LLC., / Expert Witness - Design IP, / Associate Professor of Product Design, College for Creative Studies

“Protect Your Designs” 

John Kaloustian has consulted to a wide variety of companies, designing many types of products that have won design awards and brought the success of sales to his clients. Having a diverse knowledge of manufacturing and a drive for innovation has allowed him to establish a range of clients and years of reoccurring projects within each of them. His designs have been featured in design and interior architecture publications and specified in noteworthy interiors internationally.

Curt Aumiller Profile

Thursday, November 3, 7:00-9:45pm

CSULB Department of Design, Duncan Anderson Zoom
— https://csulb.zoom.us/j/82303149749

Curt Aumiller

Principal Industrial Designer - Samsung

“Disruptive Design” 

Curt Aumiller is the Director of Industrial Design at Samsung’s Think Tank Team in Silicon Valley. His team aims for real world impact by turning disruptive concepts into products that connect objects, environments, information and people. TTT spearheaded the creation of the Samsung Gear and Gear S2 and was responsible for creating the first true 3D Omniview camera known as Project Beyond. More about our team can be found here: https://thinktankteam.info/

He is a graduate from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Curt started his professional career working in various roles in the automotive industry, culminating in his role as a Senior Industrial Designer at Ford Motor Company.
He then moved to the consumer electronics industry, working with the Microsoft Hardware Team, leading the Industrial Design effort for the next version of Microsoft’s touch table. He joined Samsung in 2012 where he continues to enjoy all the offerings of being able to work with an incredibly diverse team of skills, capable of creating anything you can imagine.

Quynh Nguyen Profile

Thursday, November 10, 7:00-9:45pm

CSULB Department of Design, Duncan Anderson Zoom
— https://csulb.zoom.us/j/82303149749

Gallery | 11.10 2:00-5:00pm

Quynh Nguyen

Senior Writer, Board member for - LA FORUM

“Write for You” 

Quynh graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology, and a minor in Art History. She has honed her practice, working with architects and designers, as well as artists and entrepreneurs for over 15 years. She will be the Duncan Anderson Design Lecture Series guest speaker for Nov 10th. (7-9pm_ Prior to the lecture, Quynh will be hosting a writing workshop for creatives.

The session will have live writing demos, and participants will use their own devices (laptop or tablet) to work on and edit their exercises with review and discussion. The objective of the workshop is for designers to understand and use tools that make your written communication as clear and personal as your visual design.

Materials to Bring:

-Bios or profiles that you have of yourself

-Two design briefs that you’ve written

-Laptop or tablet device with access to google docs for a live writing demos.

Island of Misfit Toys Profile

Thursday, December 8, 7:00-9:45pm

CSULB Department of Design, Duncan Anderson Zoom
— https://csulb.zoom.us/j/82303149749

Roundtable- Toy Industry

“Island of Misfit Toys” 

Gathering of current and former toy designers to discuss the world of toy design, including the amazing toys that never were, and ones that shouldn’t have been made. An inside peek into the fantastic industry of play.