Evening Curriculum & Specializations



The Evening MBA program is a 48 unit (16 courses) program. It is our self-paced, flexible program, meaning students determine how many courses they desire to take each semester and may fluctuate the number of courses they enroll in from term to term. Students also determine if they would like to enroll during the optional summer term.

Foundational 500-level core courses (12 units): ACCT 500, FIN 501, MGMT 500, MKTG 500. Some of the 500-level classes may be waived. Visit the Class Waivers website for details about eligibility criteria. Please note that course equivalency waiver requests are not reviewed until after admission has been offered.

600-level core courses (21 units): ACCT 610, FIN 600, HRM 652, IS 601, IS 602, MGMT 647, MKTG 661.

Advanced study (elective/specialization) courses (12 units): Students in the Evening MBA program select their elective/specialization courses. They may choose any 4 College of Business elective courses from a variety of business electives within Finance, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management or they may cluster their electives into a specialization option in Human Resources Management (meaning they take 3 of their 4 required electives within Human Resources Management).

We also have partnership specialization options with College of Health Human Services: Health Care Administration, Health Science or Recreation and Leisure Studies. Students pursuing one of these options take 3 of their 4 required electives within one of these specializations and their 4th elective is within a College of Business course.

Please note that the if students cluster their electives into one of the above specializations, it is not listed on the diploma. All students in the Evening MBA program earn an MBA degree and that is what is stated on the transcript. The elective/specialization options simply provide an opportunity to curate one’s program.

Culminating experience GBA 699: Capstone project. This is the culminating experience of the program.

Note: Students must take GBA 699 in their last semester in the program. They must file for permission to take the course by the deadline or they will have to wait another semester. Students may only enroll in 6 units of electives concurrently while enrolled in GBA 699.