AMBA Curriculum

Two-Year Schedule

FALL (Year 1)

At the end of the first year of the program, you will have completed your core MBA courses.  Each course has modules that focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  This sets the foundation for your second-year courses.

  • MKTG 500 - Marketing Concepts*
  • ACCT 500 - Financial Accounting*
  • HRM 652 - Seminar in Human Resources Management
  • IS 601 - Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decision Making
  • Career Development Workshop**

SPRING (Year 1)

  • ACCT 610 – Managerial Accounting and Control
  • FIN 501 – Financial Management Concepts*
  • IS 602 – Management of Information Systems
  • MGMT 542 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation​
  • Career Development Workshop**

SUMMER (Year 1)

  • MGMT 500 - Business Policies, Operations and Organizations*
  • Internship
    • The objective of your internship is for every student to have an offer in hand by graduation.
    • A required internship between your first and second year of the program to begin in the summer, and allowed to continue in fall/spring
    • The internship is between 20 and 40 hours per week, paid or unpaid. 
    • This is an opportunity to learn more about the industry/company that you are interested in and get some work experience. 
    • Internships can be anywhere in the U.S. although we encourage students to focus on southern California, if this is where you want to start your career.
    • Internships will prepare international students to apply for their OPT the following year. 

FALL (Year 2)

In the second year of the program, all the courses are focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.  Students will work on an idea for a new product or service in the Apostle Incubator program, they will be assigned a mentor, and develop a business plan for the new product or service.  They will compete in the Sunstone Innovation Challenge and the winner of the Innovation Challenge competition can win up to $25,000 in cash plus in-kind services (IP attorney costs, accounting, marketing, etc.).

  • FIN 600 - Seminar in Business Finance
  • MGMT 647 - Seminar in Strategic Management
  • MKTG 661 - Seminar in Marketing Policies
  • GBA 692 The Apostle Incubator Program – Part 1

SPRING (Year 2)

  • MKTG 692 – Entrepreneurial Marketing and Innovation
  • GBA 690 – Global Entrepreneurship Seminar (International Trip)
  • GBA 692 The Apostle Incubator Program – Part 2
  • GBA 699 – Entrepreneurship, Analytics, and Strategy (Capstone)


*Indicates a course is available for the Course Equivalency Waiver process. Please note that if an international student is eligible for both ACCT 500 and MKTG 500 in the first semester, only one waiver will be applied as international students must maintain full-time enrollment status for their visa.