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Department Seminar

Spring 2020 Seminar Series

Supported by The Allergan Foundation

Seminars are held on Wednesdays in HSCI-105 at 4:00pm.

The Spring 2020 Seminar Series has been cancelled to accomodate covid-19 social distancing and CA shelter-in-place orders

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Jerry LaRue.  Chapman University.  Revealing the nature of chemical reactions.  22 April 2020.
Abstract: Chemical reactions are all around us: from sustaining life to driving a green economy. Despite their immense importance, we still understand little about the fundamental processes that drive them. Using a simple molecule, carbon monoxide, Dr. LaRue and collaborators used an ultrafast x-ray laser to reveal critical elements of chemical reactions. These insights may hold the key to developing more sustainable technologies that meet the challenges of tomorrow, such as climate change and pollution.
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Feb 19 - Hosea Nelson (UC Los Angeles)

Twists and turns along the path of reactivity-driven methodology development

Feb 26 - Min Xue (UC Riverside)

Epitope-Targeting Cyclic Peptides as Chemical Biology Tools  

Mar 04 - Gregory Shearer (Penn State)

Oxylipins and HDL, an explanation for pro- and anti-inflammatory activities

Mar 11 - Andrew Petit (CSU Fullerton)

From Photooxidation to Photobasicity: Adventures Exploring Photochemistry with Undergrads

Mar 18 - Paolo Sassone-Corsi (UC Irvine)  ... CANCELLED

Communicating Clocks: Circadian Metabolism and Epigenetics

Mar 25 - Shaowei Chen (UC Santa Cruz) ... CANCELLED

Carbon-Based Functional Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Energy Technologies

Apr 08 - Allergan Distinguished Lectures by Theresa and Martin Head-Gordon (UC Berkeley) ... CANCELLED

Talks at 11AM and 4PM, titles to be announced

Apr 15 - Science of Art Restoration (TBD) ... CANCELLED

Title TBA

Apr 22 - Jerry LaRue (Chapman U) ... CANCELLED

Revealing the nature of chemical reactions

Apr 29 - Haizhou Liu (UC Riverside) ... CANCELLED

UV Photolysis of Chloramines for Potable Water Reuse