Faculty Textbook Adoptions and Resources

Beginning Fall 2024, CSULB will be transitioning to the Day 1 Textbook Access program, where students will be offered all their required textbooks for a flat rate per semester. Similar to Day 1 Digital Access, students can choose to opt out by the last day to add or drop classes without approval, if they prefer. Students can still shop for textbooks through various avenues including our automatic textbook comparison shopping site.

No online system access yet? No problem. Please email us at textbook@csulb.edu to get your textbook information submitted.

All we need is your class information (e.g. ACCT 100 sections 1 and 2) along with the textbook information (Title by Author, X edition along with the ISBN if you have it).

Summer/Fall 2024 – submit/review your textbook adoptions

New Users: The online system is not part of the campus SSO. New users are manually added each week. To check if your account has been created in the online system, click the “Reset My Password” button on the login page. If your account has not been created, please reach out to Textbook@csulb.edu or 562.985.7780 to request access.

If you have forgotten or not yet set a password, click the “Reset My Password” button, and an email will be sent to you with a personalized link to reset/create your password. 

Summer/Fall 2024: Friday, April 5, 2024

CSULB due dates are to comply with federal, state, and campus policies/guidelines.  These include HEOAAB607SB1359, and AS Policy 22-05.

Last Day for Changes to Ensure On-Time Arrival of Textbooks*

Fall 2024 (classes start August 26): Friday, July 26, 2024
Summer 2024 (classes start May 28): Friday, April 26, 2024
Summer 2024 (classes start July 8): Friday, June 7, 2024

*not including publisher, shipping delays, and/or non-returnable textbooks with no sales history


Main Line – 800.872.7423 


Cengage Learning 

Main Line - 800.842.3636 


Human Kinetics 

Main Line – 800.747.4457 


Jones & Bartlett 

Main Line – 800.832.0034 



Main Line - 888.330.8477 


Main Line - 800.338.3987 



Main Line – 800.233.4830 



Main Line – 800.445.9714 



Main Line – 800.922.0579 


Penguin Random House 

Main Line – 800.733.3000 



Main Line – 800.818.7243 



Main Line – 800.225.5945 


Tips For Textbook Selection

The textbooks selection process has many steps, which involve both publishers and academic departments.  Below are some tips on selecting a textbook for your course. 

Generally, it is much harder to research new textbooks for the Spring semester because there is usually not enough time during the winter break to research a new textbookInstead, we recommend submitting any new textbook adoptions for the Fall semester. Since the Spring semester ends in May, there are two full months (June and July) to research a new textbook and notify the bookstore in time to get textbooks on the shelves by the first day of the Fall semester. 

It is always a good idea to check with your department. Many departments may already have learning objectives and syllabi set out for the class you will be teaching. Depending on the class, departments may have a list of textbooks that are currently being used or that have already been used by other faculty.

The online textbook submission system also has historical information. You can check to see if the class was taught in the past, and if so, see what textbooks were used for the class by other faculty.

Major publishers have textbooks listed on their websites where you can search for books and even request a desk copy for review. However, researching/reviewing new textbooks on your own can be a lot of work, so it may be easier to connect with a local publisher representative to help in selecting a textbook. If you would like to speak with a publisher representative, please see publisher contacts below or contact the Course Materials Office for contact information.

Many major publishers offer a variety of digital interactive learning materials (MyLab, Revel, Connect, MindTap, WebAssign, etc.). These interactive learning products are proven to increase student-learning outcomes and also provide instructor with useful teaching materials including auto-graded assignments, quizzes, and exams.

Alternative Course Materials

D1DA is a program at CSULB where the required course material is available digitally through BeachBoard at a discounted price.

Whether courseware or e-book, students will receive FREE access on the first day of classes. Students have until the first add/drop deadline (without W) to OPT OUT. After the opt-out deadline, any student who stays opted in will be charged to their CSULB account allowing more time to pay for the material.

For more information, please visit the Day 1 Digital Access page.

Interested in publishing your own course packets, lab manuals, or workbooks? Whether or not copyright clearance will be needed, our Copy Center can produce these for sale to your students.

For more information, please visit our Faculty Course Packets page or contact Josie.Ramirez@csulb.edu

Does your course require specific art materials? We can make them available for purchase in the Art Store.

Please contact Jazmine.Ramos@csulb.edu or call 562-985-7715.

Do your students need specific software or electronic devices such as graphing calculators? We can make them available for purchase in the University Bookstore.

Please contact Randall.McKean@csulb.edu or call 562-985-7719.

CSU’s Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) initiative enables faculty to choose and provide more affordable, quality educational content for their students. AL$ at CSULB is a collaborative effort between Academic Technology, Bookstore Services, and the University Library. The goal of AL$ at CSULB is to lower the costs of course materials by (1) providing information and resources for “free” or “lower” cost alternatives and (2) spreading awareness through the CSULB community.

For more information, please visit the CSULB Affordable Learning Solutions page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Textbook adoptions are due early to comply with HEOA and the CSULB Academic Senate Policy 08-11, which are essential to keeping costs down and making course materials are accessible. Also, it takes time to research all title information submitted to us (new editions, stock availability, rental eligibility, cheaper formats, used books for end-of-term buyback, etc.) in order to get books on the shelves on time.

Of course you can! We understand that there may be schedule changes or even curriculum changes. However, please know that the earlier you let us know, the better for everyone. Changing a book may result in additional costs, delays in arrival, and/or cause students to go through refunds and exchanges.

If you are not using a textbook, you still need to submit a textbook requisition with “No Text Required”. If you are using the same textbook as last semester, you still need to let us know by submitting a textbook requisition every semester.

Our order decisions are based on sales history and stock availability. Even though a class may have 50 students, we know that not all 50 students will purchase from the bookstore. Last semester, we may have sold only 15 books, which is why we decided to bring in 20 books this semester.