DOR and Veteran Accounts

Published October 8, 2020

If you are purchasing course materials, supplies, or technology with funds from a DOR or Veterans account, please follow the steps below so that we can help you get everything you need for your classes.


If your counselor has already emailed us your DOR purchase order, please contact Jazmine Ramos at or 562-985-4549 to coordinate the fulfillment and shipping of your order. If instead, you received a Bank Draft for your books and supplies, please prepare it by completing the following (please see the image be-low for an example):

  1. Complete as payable to "Forty-Niner Shops, Inc."
    We are unable to accept Bank Drafts made payable to any other name, such as ‘49er Shops’ or ‘University Bookstore’. In these cases, a new Bank Draft will need to be issued by your counselor.
  2. Sign the front of the Bank Draft on the ‘Purchaser Signature’ line
  3. Write your campus ID number in the blank space on the bottom right corner of the Bank Draft
  4. Please do not fill a dollar amount on the voucher
  5. Mail the Bank Draft to us at:
FORTY-NINER SHOPS ATTENTION: Quynh Ho/Accounting 6049 East 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90840
Example of a check
Sample DOR Bank Draft: (1) Sign in the “Purchaser Signature” space and (2) write your campus ID in the blank section on the bottom right of the voucher. 

If you are unable to mail the Bank Draft, you may make an appointment to drop it off at the Bookstore. Please schedule an appointment with Quynh Ho at or 562-985-5953. Appointments windows are typically available on Thursdays from 9am-12pm.

After the Bank Draft is received, your DOR account will be set up accordingly. Accounts are usually provisioned as soon as the Bank Draft is received, but you may email Quynh at to verify the status of your account.  Once your account has been set up, please contact Jazmine Ramos at or 562-985-4549 to receive instructions for placing your order.

Your counselor will create an E-Authorization purchase order and submit it through Tungsten.  The Accounting Department will review and process your account and your counselor will inform you of the next steps.

If your request is for course materials and supplies, please contact Jazmine Ramos at or 562-985-4549.

If your request is for computer hardware, technology or other special items, please contact