Convenience Stores & More

Convenience Stores are a great place to grab a quick bite or a cold drink when you are “on the go”. Food offerings vary by location, but include sandwiches, salads, fruit, ice cream, sweet and salty snacks, and even milkshakes and smoothies. Convenience Stores also carry necessary items like Blue Books, Scantrons, pens, pencils, and convenience store goods.

The Art Store

Art supplies and convenience store @ College of the Arts 

Beach Hut

Convenience store @ the University Library using Amazon's Just Walk Out technology

Bookstore Convenience Store

Bookstore convenience store @ the University Bookstore

The Caffeine Lab

Coffee house and convenience store @ the University Library

The Corner Market

Convenience store @ the Student Union

The Outpost Convenience Store

Outpost convenience store @ Outpost Grill near College of Engineering

WallstrEAT Cafe

Convenience store located by the College of Business