General Education (GE)

L.E.A.P. Forward into Future Success: Get the Most Out of General Education

Ever wonder about the value of a college education?

Compared to high school graduates, COLLEGE GRADUATES HAVE MANY MORE ADVANTAGES in their lives:

Some are economic advantages, like

  • Higher Salaries and Benefits
  • Higher Savings Levels
  • Improved Working Conditions
  • Personal/Professional Mobility

Consider the average annual earnings for someone who earns a degree:

  • High School only: $27,260
  • Associate's Degree: $31,684
  • Bachelor's Degree: $53,043
  • (Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2000)


  • Improved Health and Living Longer
  • Improved Quality of Life for their Offspring
  • Better Consumer Decision Making
  • Increased Personal Status
  • More Hobbies and Leisure Activities

(Source: Institute for Higher Education, 1998)

Why Take GE?

College isn't just to get you a better job.  Real success in your college education is about the skills that improve your life. General Education at CSULB focuses on these skills.