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Writing & Communication Resource Center

Writing Communication and Resource CenterThe Writing and Communication Resource Center (WCRC) helps students develop the written and oral communication skills needed to express complex technical ideas and excel in both their academic and professional careers. The center’s expert graduate assistants are available to help all engineering students with writing assignments, oral presentations, and theses.

In addition, the center provides:

  • Workshops: A variety of sessions are offered throughout the Fall and Spring semesters to help students improve their writing process and oral presentation skills.
  • Tutoring sessions: Graduate assistants are available to work with all engineering students, particularly those who need assistance in written and oral presentation class assignments. 
  • Thesis workshops: Monthly workshops on thesis writing and formatting cover Abstracts, Literature Reviews, Methodologies, and Recommendations and Conclusions.
  • Thesis colloquia: Colloquia held each semester provide students with the opportunities to present topics, research, and methods, and receive feedback from peers and professors.
  • Individual thesis sessions: Master’s students can meet one-on-one with graduate assistants to review their theses and help improve the clarity of concepts and writing mechanics.


Undergraduate Students

For students enrolled in senior-level capstone courses, the center provides:

  • Individual and team writing assessment and feedback on class projects and papers through appointments with the graduate assistants
  • Graded projects and papers pertaining to the writing component that accounts for 25 percent of the class final grade


Graduate Students

For graduate students, the center provides:

Monthly workshops on specific thesis topics, such as how to write an abstract, conduct a literature review, format a thesis, and more. (Suggestions on future workshop topics are welcome).

  • A three-part seminar focusing on all aspects of thesis writing, required in order to advance to candidacy
  • Colloquia where students can discuss thesis topics and project work to obtain feedback from peers and professors
  • Individual writing assessment and feedback through appointments with graduate assistants


Tips for Mastering Writing

  • Understand the context and audience.
  • Make sure the work responds to the assigned task.
  • Use appropriate, relevant, and compelling content to illustrate mastery of the subject.
  • Follow conventions for organization, content, presentation, and formatting.
  • Demonstrate skillful use of sources to develop ideas.
  • Use precise and error-free language that clearly communicates meaning to readers.

Note: The Writing and Communication Resource Center is available to all College of Engineering students, but priority will be given to senior-level capstone course students and master theses students.