Wireless Printing

Use the Web to Print to a CSULB Printer

  1. Create a unique name for your document on your device that will help you locate it at the print release station. (Example: yourcampusid.docname.docx [123679023.English100.docx])
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to the following website: https://printeron.ats.csulb.edu/cps
  3. Click on the button labeled “Print.”

    Printeron Web Printing Welcome Screen

  4. Select your pick-up location from the available options

    Printeron Pick-Up Location Screen

  5. Select a document to print:

    Click on “Browse” to find the document to print and then click “Submit.”


    Select a web page to print:
    Type or copy and paste the URL into the “Web Page” field and then click on “Continue.”

    PrinterOn Web Page Printing Screen

  6. Check your page settings and then click on “Continue.”

    Printeron Page Settings Screen

  7. Job submission is now complete.

    PrinterOn Job Complete Screen

  8. Close the browser to exit.
  9. Pick up your print out at the Self Service Print Release Station at the location you selected in Step 4. Locate the item you sent to the print queue based on the document name you entered in Step 1.
  10. Contact any of the lab assistants for help if you encounter problems.