The Library's Closed-Where Can I Go?

Campus Community Update #243

August 31, 2009

The Library's Closed-Where Can I Go?

Like the rest of the campus, the library must close on the days designated as "state budget closure days". Those dates are:

  • September 8 (Tuesday)
  • October 9 (Friday)
  • November 2 (Monday) and 25 (Wednesday)
  • January 2-7 (Saturday through Thursday)
  • March 26 (Friday) and 29 (Monday)
  • April 21 (Wednesday)
  • May 6 (Thursday)
  • June 4 and 18 (Fridays)

What can you do if you need library services on one of these dates? Here are some suggestions:

  • Use the "virtual" library: the library now provides thousands of digitized journals and e-books that can be delivered to your home or office computer any time they're needed. There's also a "chat with a librarian" service that's available 24/7 
  • Use one of our "partner" libraries. CSULB has lending agreements with six nearby community colleges:
    • LBCC
    • Golden West College
    • Cerritos
    • Cypress
    • Santa Ana/Rancho Santiago College
    • El Camino
    • Many community colleges will be open on the above days. CSULB students can use them as a place to study, use reference collections, consult with a librarian, and borrow books; computer and database access generally is not included
  • Go to another CSU Library. In many cases other CSU campuses plan to observe different state budget closure days, and CSULB students can use any CSU library to study and borrow (but again, usually not their databases or computers.). 

We are sorry for the disruption and inconvenience that may result from these state budget closures and hope that these strategies may be helpful to our users.