Prepare for Finals at the Library! We're Open 24/7!

Campus Community Update #283

April 14, 2014

Prepare for Finals at the Library! We're Open 24/7!

It's time for finals again! And the Library is here to provide the space and resources to get you through it!

Believe it or not, after graduation, the late hours spent studying all night in the Library will be a fond memory! Let us help with free coffee (while supplies last), quiet study space, room to work on a group project, computer access, printing availability, and the company of your fellow students who are all in the same boat!

Details for our 24/7 operation:

  • 24/7 hours of operation will begin at 12:30pm on Sunday, May 4th and will continue until 5pm on Friday, May 16th.
  • Community Service Officers (CSOs) will be on hand to provide escort service to parking areas from their table in the 1st floor lobby.
  • Coffee will be served (after Starbucks closes) compliments of the Library and the Forty-Niner Shops while it lasts!
  • Both of our online research help services, Live Chat 24/7 and Frequently Asked Questions, will be up and running.

As a matter of public safety, please note the following regarding the Library's extended hours:

  • No camping or squatting.
  • No electrical appliances.
  • No shopping carts.
  • No moving of furniture that is bolted or restrained.
  • No blocking aisles, pathways, or doors.

Please help us keep the Library looking as beautiful and welcoming as it is all year round by observing the rules above.  Long Beach municipal code may be enforced if these rules are not observed.