New Digital Institutional Repository Shares CSULB Research with the world

Campus Community Update #285

October 14, 2014

New Digital Institutional Repository Shares CSULB Research with the world

University Library has launched Scholarship @ the Beach (S@B), an online institutional repository intended to capture and preserve the intellectual output of CSU Long Beach. Scholarship @ the Beach makes the work created here accessible to the world. By including their work in Scholarship @ the Beach, CSULB faculty researchers make their work easily discoverable by Google or other search engines, increasing the chance of being cited by or influencing others.

Many types of intellectual work are welcome in S@B; possible types include: articles, books, interviews, data sets, photographs, films, and musical compositions. The University Library anticipates that many faculty will find S@B useful in fulfilling the obligations of data management plans required by funders such as the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the California Department of Public Health

Currently, only faculty are eligible to submit their work and all deposits are voluntary. All materials must be submitted in digital form; proof of ownership, or proof that the items can be freely accessible (i.e. copyright cleared) are required. The University Library will not digitize analog data or accept physical objects for S@B. 

Instructions on how to submit your work, how to search, and deposit policies for S@B can be found at