Writer's Block: The Screenwriting Club

Writer's Block: The Screenwriting Club is an organization that's designed to facilitate an environment for screenwriters on campus where we can collaborate on ideas, review each other's scripts, analyze story beats in various films, and improve our weaknesses. Additionally, we want to collaborate with other CSULB film-based clubs on campus in any way possible. Helping narrative-production students with their scripts, working with the Women In Film, FEA Film Club etc.

Meeting Information


Writer's Room Project: Every MONDAY from 1:00PM - 3:00PM: Zoom link


Writer's Block Meetings: Bi-Monthly on SATURDAYS at 11:00AM: Zoom link


Faculty Advisor: Adam Moore



President: Nichole Smith

Vice President: Joseph Saindon

Secretary: Angel Ramirez

Outreach Coordinator: Sophia Ruffo

Marketing Coordinator: Taiki Mori

Social Media

  •   Instagram: @csulbwritersblock
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