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Department of Film & Electronic Arts

Welcome to the Department of Film & Electronic Arts

“On behalf of CSULB’s Film & Electronic Arts Department students, staff, and faculty, I wish to extend our deepest condolences to our colleagues involved in the horrific tragedy that occurred on the set of “Rust”.   Our hearts are with the loved ones of Director of Cinematography, Halyna Hutchins, Director Joel Souza, Producer and Actor Alec Baldwin, the AFI community, and all those who are involved in the production.”

As a member of the College of the Arts, Film & Electronic Arts Department invites you to read our COTA community pledge and plan in support of Black Lives Matter.

CSULBArtsListening – Starting today, we are joining COTA in creating opportunities for our FEA community to digitally share your art, music, movement, design, writing, monologues, dialogues, videos, stories – anything you choose. This is particularly a call to BIPOC members of our community, but it is open to all.  Please share these projects with us to amplify BIPOC voices by emailing and or tagging us on Instagram @CsulbFeaFolks and @CsulbCollegeoftheArts.

(noun) the practice or policy of including all people, including those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized… 

What does it mean to be an inclusive Film and Electronic Arts Department?

At CSULB, we believe our mission is to educate the next generation of filmmakers and scholars, whose diverse voices tell compelling stories that speak directly to their individual communities, as well as society as a whole. Our department provides the platforms to elevate every student, and trains them to excel in their chosen areas of the industry. 

Discover what makes us unique!