International Programs

We believe that both scholars and filmmakers benefit from a global education. That’s why we’ve created a series of international educational experiences that can be as short as a summer, or as long as a semester abroad. 

In addition to furthering the foundational knowledge of film scholarship and production, study abroad creates meaningful, life-changing experiences by immersing students in a culture that is radically different than their own. 

The expanded worldview gained during international study plays a vital role in shaping the voices of young storytellers. At the same time, these experiences give students a deeper understanding of their individual role in developing meaningful ways to impact our global community.

Currently, we offer the following study abroad programs:

  • Hamburg—semester in sophomore spring

  • Faculty exchange program

  • Short term summer study abroad program

  • Australia semester

  • England Semester

  • Ireland Short term summer

Learn more about CSULB's study abroad program.