Film & Electronic Arts Internship & Career Info

Initial Steps

To learn more about how to prepare application materials and find an internship, we recommend students:

• Visit CSU Entertainment Alliance website. The CSUEA serves all 23 CSU campuses, providing a wide variety of career development resources (including information on resumes and cover letters), special events, grants, and internship opportunities. We also suggest students join their mailing list (register on the website) and follow them on Instagram @thecsuea.

• Visit CSULB's Career Development Center website and physical location. Staff at the CSULB CDC can help with cover letters, resumes, interview skills, and CareerLINK (a search tool for local jobs and internships, accessible via the CSULB Single Sign On). CSULB Career Development Center also hosts regular workshop & events; see their calendar for more info.

• Follow our Film & Electronic Arts Department LinkedIn Page and like/follow our department social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

• Attend special career-related events hosted by the department, which will be prompted to students via emails, LinkedIn, and social media.

Film & Electronic Arts Internship Course

Internships offer students an opportunity to explore career possibilities, to enhance their classroom education with real-world experience, and to network with entertainment industry professionals while earning academic credit. 

Students are required to and responsible for securing their own internship. This generally happens prior to the start of the semester, and may be completed up to the final "course add” date. All internships must be approved, include training and supervision from a professional in the discipline, and include at least 120 of on-site work during the semester (10-16 hours a week is recommended).

Students interning for course credit in fall and spring terms must enroll in FEA 492. Students interning for course credit in summer term generally enroll in COTA 492. Please see “Post-Graduate Internship Opportunities” section below.

Aside from the sources listed in the “Initial Steps” section above, other places to search for an internship include the  CSU's internship  portal (easy registration process for CSU students) LinkedIn,  Production HubIndeed, and The Television Academy. Students should keep in mind that most major studios and prominent production companies select their interns several months prior to the start of each semester; to find opportunities, search for the studio name + “internship” in your preferred search engine. There are many companies with flexible application deadlines, and new opportunities are frequently posted. It is suggested that students search early, often, and set notifications on various sites. 

Students and alumni can create profiles, and should link their CSULB and CSU Entertainment Alliance (CSUEA) affiliations when they register; refer to the CSUEA Staff Me Up Guide for signup instructions and checkout their newly launched Diversity & Inclusion Initiative.

The Department of Film and Electronic Arts has a long and rich tradition of student internship activity, including earning positions at major studios and broadcast networks, independent production companies, and a wide variety of local community partners. For more information, please contact Associate Professor Helen Hood Scheer.  

CSU Entertainment Alliance Programs, Including a “Post-Graduate” Internship Course

The CSU Entertainment Alliance serves all 23 CSU campuses and provides numerous resources and opportunities including:

  • An online course through which CSU students can receive academic credit for internships for up to two years after graduating from a CSU campus
  • A wide variety of special opportunities (regularly updated), such as diversity initiatives, grants, scholarly events, industry panels and presentations, and technical workshops, and screenings
  • Internship and jobs search portal
  • Free summer housing for internship programs in Los Angeles

Please visit the CSU Entertainment Alliance website, sign up for their mailing list, and follow them on social media. They regularly provide useful information.

Professional Development Special Events

The department provides professional development talks, workshops, and screening events throughout the academic year. Top entertainment industry professionals and successful alumni visit campus to share their work and provide candid practical advice on what it takes to launch and maintain a career. Events are widely promoted though emails from the department chair, community engagement specialist, and posts to social media and Canvas.

Follow the department’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or check out our event feed on the department website for upcoming opportunities!