Welcome to the Film & Electronic Arts Policies & Procedures!

This policy website was built to guide Students, Faculty, and Staff on the journey through CSULB FEA.  

FEA is committed to transparency in safety on its film productions and strives to follow industry practices in production and safety inside the classroom and out. Given that these are student productions within a university, education and university policies always take precedent. Thus, FEA student productions may vary from industry practice in certain situations, but students are often faced with greater boundaries as they complete their productions. These boundaries are set to guide and assist in the creative filmmaking process to ensure safety on set. 

If you are a film school or industry professional wishing to learn more, please feel free to contact the FEA Department Chair and FEA Production Office. 

This policy website is dedicated to the current and past production safety staff for their commitment to safety and education. 

Thank you to the Staff, Faculty, Student Assistants, Campus Events Office, Risk Management, COTA, and all who have contributed to making these FEA Policies and Procedures. 

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