Academic Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Advisor and the Student


The relationship between academic advisor and student is one of the shared responsibilities. Though you as a student are ultimately responsible for the choices you make in college, we realize that in order to make informed decisions, students need the mentoring and advice of academic advisors and others in the California State Long Beach University community. Your advisor is the primary resource regarding academic issues, opportunities and programs, and can be thought of as the coordinators of your educational experiences. 


What you can expect from your advisor:

  • To clarify University policies, regulations, programs and procedures about which you have questions
  • To offer advice on selecting courses and to assist you in developing an academic plan that satisfies degree requirements and complements your personal and professional interests
  • To be available during scheduled office hours.
  • To maintain professional integrity, confidentiality, respect, and sensitivity in advising
  • To be knowledgeable about and refer you to appropriate campus resources and services


What your advisor expects from you:

  • To take the initiative to contact your advisor
  • To keep advising appointments and arrive on time
  • To be prepared for the advising appointment – know your ID number, have a list of questions, and bring tentative course
  • To be familiar with the University catalog
  • To observe academic deadlines
  • To follow through with referrals made by your advisor
  • To maintain a personal academic file or notes and copies of forms submitted for processing